Thursday, October 8, 2015

Now We should be very worried about Massouny

At last after two weeks and lots of public pleas, the Ministry of interior “MOI” issued a statement about the forcible disappearance of Mostafa Massouny.
أكد مسئول مركز الإعلام الأمنى عدم صحة ما تداولته بعض وسائل الإعلام حول إلقاء القبض على الناشط / مصطفى الماصونى أو إحتجاز...
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The officials at the security media center denied what was said in the media that activist MostafaMassouny was arrested or detained in any facility following the ministry of interior. The officials also added that the ministry of interior was investigating the case of Massouny.
I think we should be very worried now about Mostafa Massouny.
This statement makes you wonder about what really happened to Massouny.
The family of Massouny does not believe the MOI statement.

Mostafa's sister, Omayma said the following:
Lairs , my brother is detained at the MOI. Where did you put my Brother ?
Hour later Omayma said the following:
Regarding the MOI statement : First, Mostafa Massounny is not a political activist in anyway in the first place.
Mostafa's so-called political activism is only limited to 2011, after that he left politics altogether and focused in his work as a video editor.
Second : Despite all the witnesses and evidence that confirm Mostafa was inside the National Security HQ yet the MOI denies this.
It is worth to mention, Massouny's family after his disappearance in June were told by some officer that their son was detained at the National security and would be released shortly after a background check. That officer allegedly told them not to contact the media.
Omayma Massouny was the only person to comment on the MOI’s statement because former vice-president Mohamed ElBaradei also reacted.
Reminder : Forcible disappearance is a crime against humanity that does not have a state of limitation according to the ICC treaty #Their_Freedom_is_our_Freedom.
“#There_Freedom_is_our_Freedom” is a campaign launched by Constitution Party to demand the freedom of detained and missing activists and protesters
Forcible disappearance is not only a crime against the law and the constitution, but it is also a crime against humanity according to the ICC, it is a true fact.
Another fact, Egypt also has not signed the ICC treaty. Mohamed Morsi had a golden opportunity, but he ignored it.
Yes Mohamed ElBaradei spoke about the Forcible disappearance in Egypt, he did not mention Massouny directly but this tweet was published hours after the ministry of interior's statement.
Already one of ElBaradei’s party members in Egypt is also missing for more than 600 days.
In January 2014, Ashrafa Shehata who works as a lawyer and owns a private school went missing after receiving a telephone. Just like Massouny, Shehata’s family kept searching for him everywhere but found nothing. They were also approached by some guy working in the MOI who told them the Constitution party activist was detained temporarily till the end of background checks !!!
Shehata with ElBaradei in the old days 
Ashraf Shehata’s whereabouts are still unknown.
Unlike Massouny, Shehata was politically active with history against Mubarak, SCAF and Muslim Brotherhood.
Islamists also report widespread of forcible disappearance cases including the recent cases of underage teenagers.
Every night I come and I want to blog about the upcoming parliamentary elections, but I blog about young people like Massouny, Esraa Taweel and Mahmoud Mohamed.
Now almost all the young activists of 25 January who are still interested in politics are busy with where their missing friends are, so please spare us from the same old talk about where the youth are from the upcoming elections and why they did not fight back. They are fighting back what is even tougher than a fake elections process , they are fighting for lives and freedom at the same time.


  1. When Egypt finally has a democratic and rational president, it should join the ICC at the first possible chance. Prosecute and shame these idiots. In fact, extend it to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

  2. I agree with you Anonymous., we can only pray and hope this comes to pass in the future.


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