Thursday, October 8, 2015

This is What I call a quick restoration

Do you remember how the Italian consulate in Cairo was bombed in July !? Do you remember how the old consulate looked like after that bombing that destroyed part of its façade as well affected the old poor buildings in Maspero shanty towns.
Here is how the Consulate looked like two days after the bombing.
During then the Egyptian government announced that it would repair and renovate the building of consulate on its own expense.
In no time, the Arab contractors started working in the location.
In September, it looked like that.
The consulate building was repainted
The facade is back as reddish pink
I admire how the fast the government and Arab contractors acted. This is very quick restoration when we speak about governmental standards.
Of course, we are speaking about a foreign consulate.


  1. Interesting to see what countries can do, IF they want to do it.

  2. My son sent me this. I don't know if you have seen this but it's very good. I presume you can delete as it is not on topic. ,It has more than thirty years since we lived in Cairo.

    1. Yes , I saw earlier today. It is so beautiful :) Thanks for sharing Mr.Smith :)


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