Friday, February 22, 2013

#Egyelections : The longest Elections in the history of #Egypt

And President Morsi has called for Parliamentary elections next 27 & 28 April 2012 according to presidential decree 134 for year 2013.

 The elections will be as follows :

  • The parliamentary elections will be held on four stages starting from “27th of April 2013”
  • The first session of the Senates council will be held on 6th July 2013 at 11 AM.  DSC05108

The first stage :

The second stage :

The third stage :

The fourth stage:

The Egyptian Christians are angry and they have too. The elections come on the same day of their feasts in April and May when they go to Church !!? Those who chose the dates , chose the wrong dates if it were not a deliberate thing.It is as if the regime does not want the Christians to vote at all.

The second day of elections in the first stage “ 28th April 2013” will be Palm Sunday and there are Christian voting blocs in both Cairo , Minya and Beheira that will be affected for sure.

The runoffs of that stage will be on “4th May 2013” and it will be Holy Saturday while The second day of that stage’s run off will be “5th May 2013” which is Easter !!

Can Muslims imagine having the elections day on Eid ?? So much for citizenship and recognition of the other !!

Morsi is insisting on losing the Christians , no wonder the Freedom and Justice Party officials and Muslim brotherhood members are claiming that the protesters currently in the street are from Christians only. I am extremely angry. You must know based on past elections and referendum results Cairo and Port Said “especially now” will not vote for the MB or the Islamists and the results of the first stage always have extreme important psychological effect on voters in other stages.

Now aside from the Christian objections, can we please discuss the fact that these elections in the history of Egypt !? Four stages !!? This is so tiring and boring. No wonder some are expecting low turn out.

Already according to my humble knowledge I believe that the Parliamentary elections law that was disapproved by the Supreme constitutional court “SCC” and was returned back for amending to the Shura council. After amending the Shura council did not send it back to be revised by the SCC but it issued it officially !!

I know that constitutionally Morsi should declare the elections day before Sunday but does he understand that someone can file a lawsuit in the SCC claiming that the elections are not constitutionally because the SCC did not revise the law again !?

The Muslim brotherhood members , supporters and those are not MB but respect them are happy that the president issued this decision after al the talk shows were over on TV !! They are also happy that the first session of the Senates will be held at the same time they will celebrate the first anniversary of President Morsi’s victory. Yes there will be celebration according to them.

Some are saying the MB is dying for this  election in order to give the world the impression of political legitimacy against any revolutionary or military move against Morsi with the political tensions in the country.

Anyhow opposition political parties are divided between participating in the elections or boycotting it. You do not need much brain to guess that the Islamists especially the MB will win the elections again as it is their game. The Salafists will not be that lucky especially with all these divisions and fights they got in their camp.

Personally I am not expecting anything good from that parliament or from that constitution or that president anymore with that mindset of Muslim brotherhood.


  1. Can't the christians go to church and vote as well??

    1. Ask yourself same argument, can't muslims go to mosques in Eid and vote as well??

    2. better yet, ask yourself, can't you eat your dinner while sitting on the toilet bowl?

  2. your born by pimps

  3. From abroad on behalf of those who love Egypt and are so sad to see how is the situation nowadays I please the opposition to be strong togheter and decide ALL the same thing: or boycott or run to win, at least the main parties such Tayyar Shaabi, AL Dustur, AL Mu'tamar, al Tagammu, AL Tahaluf al Shaabi al Ishtirakyy and maybe I forget some. Basing on how what happening in Egypt is seen from abroad, I d advise to run for the elections if there is any chance to have Internation Observers in huge number it should be followed, ask for Internation Observers to be sure of trasparency and if MB refuse, alla the world be at your side, but still too many in West they support Mursi since they say is democraticalyy elected. Of course they don't knw nothing, I know, but unfortunately main newspapers follow USA politics and now is clear USA and international community support MB because they see it as alternative to disorder...Best wishes wa tadamun kamil!

  4. I suggest the opposition uses the same argument the MB used for the presidential elections, namely that the MB cannot win in the current general detestation by the people. If they ever win it means they used fraudulent and criminal methods. A win by the MB will be challenged by force if necessary.

  5. It's all just more anti MB propaganda. The President already declared he would change the dates for the Copts. People forget that Egypt is 90 million people not the thugs and looters and rapists you see out in Tahrir every Friday afternoon. Those 90 million prefer MB and stability to the clueless opposition bent on bringing back SCAF to rule.
    There is not one single charismatic person at all in the opposition that could unite the country. Instead because of that they are bit by bit trying to destroy the country as they desperately try to collapse it's economy.

    Westerners support the MB because they are smarter than Egyptians who are politically immature and selfish who support the oppositon. There is NOT one single Westerner I guarantee you that would even consider the likes of El Baradei or Sabahi or Moussa as a presidential hopeful. They are the bottom of the barrel scrapings and it is sad that out of 90 million big gaping know it all mouths they cannot find one single potential leader who could take the country forward.
    Egyptians deserve their presidents. The Egyptian history is littered by facts on how Egyptians cannot rule themselves and need sticks and threats and dictators and foreigners to get anything done. Some of Egypt's best times were when they were governed by foreign powers. Take a look back at old photos of Egypt then to now.

  6. I think it's safe to say I speak for the US and for the entire international community, and I most assuredly do not support the Muslim Brotherhood. I don't support anyone in Egypt, at all. Egyptians made their bed, and now they get to sleep in it. They should all shut up and enjoy the bright future they have before them.


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