Saturday, February 23, 2013

#Egyelections : Presidency realizes its mistake , amends elections’ dates

And the Presidency understood the mistake it had done last Thursday when it declared the dates of the parliamentary elections and it turned out that the first stage elections will be at the same time of Christian Feasts.
From couple of hours ago the presidency issued a statement to amend the dates of the first stage of the elections to suit Egyptian Christians.
Accordingly we got the following new dates , re-mark your calendars dear friends !!

The first stage

The Second Stage

The third stage

The Fourth stage

Strangely now for the zillion times the Morsi and MB supporters who defended the first date and timing are supporting decision to amend the dates now without any second thought.
Now if this was not a deliberate action as I suspected then it is another sign on how things are badly managed in Egypt by Morsi’s administration. There is no planning what so ever. Nobody even bothered to see the calendar on his disk in the Presidency. Are there calendars already on their disks at the presidency , I wonder !!??
By the way should not the Presidency and the army grow up and have some real official websites instead that Facebook mania !? You know like the rest of the civilized world ??


  1. the whitehouse in USA has a facebook so does the US emabassy. i thibk it makes it easier for comments.

  2. Drudge Report links to this from Reuters, quoting Zeinobia's favorite ex-candidate: Egypt vote could be 'road to total chaos': ElBaradei


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