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Back to Torture , Back to how #Jan25 actually started !!

Please do not believe that the MB and Presidency’s PR machine speaking to the world on how the revolution has achieved so far its goal under the rule of the elected president.
Please do not believe that propaganda because simple the main goal of the revolution and the reason of why it happened , why it started as protest on 25th January 2011 and became a public revolution on 28th January 2011 bringing down on one of the most ruthless rulers in the Middle East. This revolution began as a protest against police brutality claiming for human dignity , people tend to forget this especially the police and the current ruling regime.
In the past 3 months the human rights organizations recorded 127 torture cases by Egyptian police including 63 torture till death cases and 29 sexual assault cases.
Among those cases highlighted by the human rights organizations , the horrifying story of Ayman  Mehana translated in to English
The testimony of Ayman Mehana
Ayman Mehana , an employee works in the electricity company in Alexandria. On 2 February 2013 he was heading to pay his mobile phone bill when he was attacked and arrested by CSF. He was allegedly beaten by a rod and passed out to open his eyes to find himself detained and handcuffed in a CSF vehicle. He was allegedly blindfolded by black cover. He was taken to some CSF camp where he was beaten and tortured. They wanted to him to confess that he was a member in the Black Bloc group.
Mehana says that he was sexually abused "Sodomy with a stick” just like in Mubarak days. This is of course beside the psychological humiliation he has been through. He was allegedly tied to a chain and ordered to bark like a dog.I am extremely angry
You can see the traces of torture on his body filmed in the video.
Mehana has received threats from the police after appearing on TV. Al Nadeem Center is asking people to support him publicly. His colleagues in the Electricity company announced their solidarity with his case.
Another sad story we knew yesterday is the story Kamel Mostafa.It is not torture case as much as it is disgusting mistreatment. 
The story of Kamel Mostafa : Is because we are poor we are mistreated and beaten ?? Video by Mosireen
A 15 years old Kamel Mostafa was arrested 1st February 2013 and was accused of assaulting and attacking the police force “!!”. The police claims that that 15 years old boy had slapped a police general “!!”
Mostafa was shot in his leg with gun shots and bird shots. He was transferred to Helal Hospital and handcuffed in the bed. When his eldest sister came to visit him in the hospital , the policeman assigned to secure Mostafa wanted “to search her personally” and when she refused that he threatened to harm her injured brother.
His mother was threatened by the authorities if she speaks to the media. The poor lady is saying in front of the camera that she is not afraid to speak against the police or even Morsi. She trusts nobody. 
Mostafa was released after 18 days of detention and yet is still accused of attacking police force !!

Updated : 

This video below is another Mosireen production showing some of the minors arrested and tortured by police since 25 January 2013.This report is translated to English. Some of them report sexual assualts and beaten till death to their friends. It is ... I do not know what you say. I hope the UNICEF  sees this clip

Since January 25th ,2013 not less than 250 minors have been arrested. 
Yesterday 13 human rights organizations in Egypt issued an initiative to end what they called “The regime’s crimes” or in other words “The police brutality” :
  1. To dismiss the current minister of interior and to put him on a trial for the murder of protesters in different governorates since last 25th January 2013 and up till
  2. To open an immediate investigation with the leading figures and members of the Freedom and Justice Party accused of illegal detention and torturing protesters at the Presidential Palace on 5th December 2012 and to refer those accused of these crimes to the criminal court.
  3. To publish the final report of the Fact finding committee regarding the murder of the protesters in all over Egypt from 25th January 2011 to 30 June 2012 and to declare a time frame for the recommendations of the report related to accountability and reforms in the institutions like police and to found a committee in order to follow up the implementation of the recommendations.
  4. To withdraw the law to organize the protests presented by the government to the Shura Council.
  5. To found an independent and permanent commission to investigate in all the death and injuries cases caused by police officers. This commission would include independent members not following the State’s judicial or executive or legislative authorities. This commission would investigate these cases and would cooperate with General prosecution if there is a criminal investigation in some incident.
  6. To found an independent and permanent commission to supervise the detention places through announced as well unannounced visits to these places and to have access to all prison and correction facilities’ records. That commission would include representatives from human rights organizations. Also to sign the optional protocol of UN agreement against torture.
  7. To Present an immediate law to define the crime of torture in the penalties code in accordance to the UN agreement against torture that Egypt signed it and to amend the criminal legal procedures law in order to law the victims of torture to go directly to the criminal court without the approval of the prosecutor general.
  8. To Present an immediate law to amend the Police law and other regulatory articles and laws concerning the use of force and arms by policemen and not to use the firearms except in extreme necessity when it is the only way to stop a dangerous death or near death.
  9. To work a work plan for restructuring the ministry of interior.
  10. To dismiss the current prosecutor general and to appoint a new one though the Supreme council of judiciary  and to present an urgent legalization to separate between the authority to accuse and the authority to investigate. 
Among these 13 human rights organizations : Al Nadeem Center , The Egyptian initiative for personal rights , The Egyptian Organization for Human rights  and the Egyptian center for social and economic rights.
Ironically people are comparing between current minister of interior Mohamed Ibrahim and former minister Mahmoud Gamal El Din on how they deal with protesters and sadly enough they found Gamal El Din “who was responsible for the first Mohamed Mahmoud clashes in 2011” was better than Ibrahim when it comes to how he dealt with protests in time of President Morsi !!!!!
President Morsi dismissed former Minister of interior Mahmoud Gamal El Din “who got his black record” because the man refused to interfere in the Presidential Palace clashes and he stood against the incredible super Sheikh Hazem Salah Abu Ismail. The current minister of interior was the head of the Prison sector and used to supervise the prison where President Morsi was detained at during the early days of the revolution before his escape.
Anyhow the informed sources in Egypt say that Ibrahim is not really the man managing the internal security of the country as the MB man’s responsible for this file is none other than leading MB figure El Beltagy.
You must know that human rights activists and organizations presented initiatives to reform the Police and the ministry of interior both to SCAF and to President Morsi and nothing was reformed.
Ironically now the Islamists and Morsi supporters say that they suspect those human rights centers repeating the same old Mubarak’s claims and accusations to those human rights centers and activists. I am shocked and sad !! I thought that they would be the first to stand human rights violations after what happened to them in the past 30 years.
Strangely these human rights centers used to stand with the Muslim brotherhood and the Islamists including the Jihadists to defend their basic rights when everybody in the society feared to speak about them. I hate to say this but one day those supporters will feel sorry for this action.


  1. Zeinobia thank you for bringing all these crimes to the attention of the whole world and i urge you to send them to the World Court at the Hague

    Shame on Morsi and on Amn al-Dawla and Egypt indeed needs real effective justice system that can address these crimes and punish those that committ these crimes

    As for Ayman Mehana and I wish he is reading this: Ayman I feel your pain and you have not done anything wrong to deserve what was done to you. Morsi is a criminal for allowing these crimes to go on. Take care of yourself and I wish you all the best

    1. Do you think Egyptians did not know Morsi was a criminal, before they elected him?

  2. >Do you think Egyptians did not know Morsi was a criminal, before they elected him?

    Let me repeat what I wrote before: Hitler was elected in 1933 with only 1/3 of German voters voting for him and he won in-spite of the fact that the Nazis were criminals liars and terrorists and the rest is history

    We also know that in the Nuremberg trials that in international law the likes of Morsi, and because he is in charge, he can be found guilty of violating the rights of his own citizens and he can indeed end in an international jail and the world now is a small place

    This does not mean that I'm saying that Morsi is a Hitler but he is beyond clueless and he does not realize that the world is watching

    So back to you question: Is Mosrsi a criminal? you draw your own conclusions


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