Wednesday, February 20, 2013

#PortSaid : Day#4 of Civil Disobedience

Here is a follow up for the civil disobedience in Port Said. Today there  is an escalation in protesting as the locals blocked the road of the East Port Said Port which the army tried to open by force in the early morning. Some activists say tomorrow the escalation will reach the Suez canal.
Today the protesters put those hot air balloons dummies with Signs of SOS on the Suez canal Corniche so the ships passing in the Suez canal would see these signs.
I am reading news that people began to protest and want to have a civil disobedience in Ismailia.
On the other hand Dream TV2 showed in 10PM show new videos for the clashes on 26 January including shots for armed security men on the roof of the Port Said prison.I will post the video later today
You can see the updates from Port Said after the break.

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