Tuesday, February 19, 2013

#PortSaid : Day#3 in Civil Disobedience

And the people of Port Said continue in their civil disobedience for the third day in row. Today thousands of protesters from Port Said's men, women, youth and children defied President Morsi directly.
 President Morsi has issued a decree yesterday to restore was planning to submit a draft law to the Shura Council to restore the free trade zone in Port Said and to allocate LE400 million of the canal's revenues to the development of the three canal cities. Of course I have to expect that other governorates will follow the same steps of Port Said to be treated in the same way !!

Still today shops and factories are closed and students did not go to schools or universities. People consider that offer from the president is an insult to their dignity after all he did not bother to apologize or pay condolences for their martyrs.

According to the news President Morsi met so-called public delegation from Port Said yesterday including so-called representatives of parties in the city.  That delegation according to Fouad Gadallah , the amazing legal presidential adviser including Shura council members and so I assume most of them are from the Muslim brotherhood. 

The families of the martyrs denied to have any relation or talks with that delegation. Al Nour Party in Port Said also claimed that it was excluded from that meeting. ON the other hand both Strong Egypt Party and Constitution Party in Port Said announced that they suspend their activities in the governorates in solidarity with the civil disobedience.

Many people joined the protests and rallies today as the factories closed its doors at 12 PM. I believe today Port Said witnessed one of the biggest protests and rallies in its history , You can see in the Storify report after the break.


  1. comon! This is never can be "the biggest protest" is portsaid! Calling it a civil-disobedience is a media joke! Media is destroying the meaning of all words (million man march, strike, ...)

    They are tens (or by max few hundreds!) of people who are really angry.
    But their demands are pretty vague, and it looks like similar protest happened in front of etehadya palace.

    1. Actually their demands are not vague, if you follow and read this blog carefully you will know what they want.
      And P.S this is the biggest protest according to the locals of Port Said.

  2. I think it's amazing... these protests can no longer be denied by Morsy and MB .. it represents a lot!! .. civil disobedience and closing down many services is a powerful tool actually.

    Minor byt oh so important detail I see is that the streets there are so much more clean than in Cairo!!

    I don't know enough about the subject but I do believe Port Said is an example for the rest of Egypt. They don't put up with injustice and they want to see change. They are not backing down and keeping it civil!!! Their demands are pretty clear to me by the way. Go Port Said :) God with you


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