Saturday, February 2, 2013

#EndSH #OpAntiSH : We will resist

As if we are having a date with all the horrifying videos in the past 24 hours. This video was published by Op Anti-Sexual Harassment documenting on camera the a group rape in Tahrir square last 25 January's night.

Several sexual assaults were recorded on that night. Sadly that morning there were less sexual harassment unlike any other day !!
I knew about what happened in Tahrir square after 5 PM last January 25,2013 but I did not have time to speak due to that on going agony marathon in the country. It is not the first time something like to happen unfortunately and it will not be the last too realistically speaking 
Personally I will not lie to say that I began to be worried from going to Tahrir square alone now especially after 4 PM specifically to that area , the hell area between Tahrir square and Mohamed Mahmoud street near Hardee's.

The boys and girls of Op Anti-Sexual Harassment
 Now for the record from two years all those who are brave enough to declare their war against sexual harassment in Tahrir square are the feminist movements and the civil independent initiatives from two years ago starting with Harass Map to Tahrir Body Guards to lately Op Anti-Sexual Harassment.
The police does not care or want to help at all.Already I do not have doubt that the Policemen do not respect much the protesters of women or even from men.
Now unfortunately the Islamists are using the incidents not to combat what happened as social disease that actually defames Egypt and its men but rather are using it to defame the Anti-MB Anti-Morsi protesters in the same way SCAF and Pro-Mubarak/Shafik/Omar Sueliman used to it to scare people from Tahrir square and its protesters.
Sadly enough most Islamists attacked the famous Blue Bra girl in public when I remember.
It is worth to mention that the so-called Islamists and MB way to combat the sexual harassment is to segregate women from men and to keep women at home.These so-called Islamists now are wondering why the media is focusing on the incident of stripping Hamda Saber and ignoring this video despite it was published by Non Islamists from Human rights activists and initiatives !! Millions of Egyptian viewers witnessed that horrifying video in Tahrir for the first time last night in Al Nahar Channel "Non Islamist Channel" in Mahmoud Saad's show.

Last night two brave girls Yasmine El Barmawy and Hania Muhib spoke in front of the camera on how they were sexually harassed and attacked in Tahrir square.Dr. Manal Omar , the famous psychiatrist believes that these sexual assaults and gang rapes are actually intended to happen in Tahrir square to defame it and scare women from coming to the square that became a symbol for protesting in the world.
Despite sexual harassment is an epidemic in Egypt , I agree with Dr. Omar. Since 2005 and sexual harassment has been used as a weapon to scare women protesters in Egypt. Already I do not understand why on earth the harassers appear specifically in the mass protests days in Tahrir square starting from the afternoon and disappear next day. 
I will say the same thing on that video above " I will not give up , this is my square , this is my country"


  1. True terrorism - I am so shocked - such an abuse of human rights. What is the government / police/ army doing about this? Clearly an organised, practiced approach terrorising a victim who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  2. Remember all the insulting things you said about Lara Logan? And all the abusive and disgusting comments people left on your posts about her case? Probably not. But I do.

    1. I remember that I did not insult Lara Logan in my post very well.

    2. So you lie even to yourself? Interesting. And remember that Temoris Grecko filth you were peddling? I'm sure you feel you were just being objective, though.

  3. I like to tell Hania and Yasmine that they are victims of a crime and victims should not be blamed for being victims and it is not their fault and the best therapy for such crime and post traumatic stress disorder is to talk about it, as they seem to be doing, and share the experience with other victims and professional psychologists.

    The real question is who are these criminals? This crime has all the finger prints of the criminal el-ikhwan and their goon squads and the real criminal here is no other than Morsi

    1. "The real question is who are these criminals? This crime has all the finger prints of the criminal el-ikhwan and their goon squads and the real criminal here is no other than Morsi"

      That's probably right but it was the same bunch of thugs two years ago and Zeinobia defended them, then, to the point where she assaulted the credibility of one of the most famous female journalists in the world, when it happened to her. Zeinobia has been backing the wrong people in an unethical manner and then switching to another group of the wrong people since before the revolution even started. In many ways, Zeinobia is a perfect example of what's wrong in Egypt.


  4. وزارة الداخلية تكرر ارهاب المصريين باستهداف الفتيات و السيدات - لكسر نفس - المصريين فلنتذكر التحرش بالصحفيات فى 2005
    من فرق الكارتيه التى ترتدى زى مدنى و تتبع الامن المركزى، و لا ننسى رغبة الاخوان فى تشويه صورة ميدان التحرير

    رضا قاسم

  5. Zeinobia

    I'm sure that you will recall the attack on the great and wonderful Madam شهندة مقلد and here is the video

    And you can see this big fat guy trying to cover her mouth. There is no doubt in my mind that his likes are ikhwanees that support Morsi and they are the same men that terrorize and rape women that are participating in this uprising against Morsi and el-ikhwan and the sad thing is they get away with it

    I do believe that his likes should be exposed and put to shame and because the legal system in Egypt is a waste of time then expose his likes and shame him on the internet

  6. Us men tend to harass women cause we like to have some sort of power of things. Think of the average Egyptian man. Struggles to make a living, life is kicking him down. Will never be able to afford marriage. No escape to the misery that is life in Egypt. The only fun I get is making girls on the street feel unsafe.

    Fuck women. Horrible whores. Lying manipulative bitches. They allow their boyfriends (we all know you cunts have them but lie to your parents/brothers that you don't) to touch them and then act all righteous on the streets? fuck that. We will take by force what little joy we get.

    We will never stop. Hahahahahhaha

    1. Zeinobia - please remove this offensive troll!

      And courage to Egyptian women who refuse to be intimidated!

  7. This is a very old post, but I feel like leaving a comment after I read an article published yesterday by France 24 on sexual harrassment in Egypt a a political weapon. I agree when the say that sexual harrassment is now being used by SCAF and police as a political weapon to intimidate women. But I also believe it is a social problem related to sexual frustration/repression (see the comment of the poor frustated guy above who says "Us men tend to harass women cause we like to have some sort of power of things."). I have experienced sexual harrassment, like almost all Egyptian women. I was shocked that the man wo touched me once on the bus was a long-bearded salafist with a "zibiba" on his forehead. Other times I was harrassed by children between 8 and 12 years old. I guess this is what their elder brother like the sexually frustrated guy above teach them to do.


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