Saturday, February 2, 2013

His name is Hamda Saber “Graphic +18”

Hamda Saber beaten in the red circle
And the identity of the citizen stripped, beaten and dragged by CSF last night is revealed. His name is Hamda Saber , a 48 years old construction worker who  lives in Mataria and originally from Upper Egypt. He got no criminal records.Mr. Saber came with his wife Mrs. Fathia and kids to protest at the presidential Palace.
At 2.30 AM ONTV managed to reach to his wife and to speak with her on the phone on air in one of the most bizarre calls aired on TV. The poor woman was speaking from the police hospital in Nasr City and besides her some police officer telling her what to say !!
Mrs. Fathia speaking to ONTV detected what she should say !!
In one moment you can hear a voice speaking besides her voice that made the TV host of ONTV ask her who was besides her !!! Anyhow It seems that the TV exposure helped Saber for real and at least he was transferred to some hospital.
Here is the video again for those who did not see them last night “Warning extremely graphic”
From Al Hayat TV Channel : What happened to Hamda Saber “Graphic”
The ministry of interior is saying that it was an individual action , well unfortunately as you can see it is not one police officer or CSF conscript but rather a group. I do not see any individual action here !! It is worth to mention that the Presidency praised on how the ministry of interior was quick enough to say it was an individual action in  a statement published from short time ago.
Well amazingly the supporters of the President and Presidency especially those from the Muslim brotherhood are more than ok with what happened from stripping and beating to Hamda Saber and even support it.
Some so-called Islamist and news pages associated to Muslim brotherhood began to spread strange lies about him like he was attacking the security forces with shotgun , that he took off his cloth to run faster , that he took off his clothes in that dirty weather and did some dirty signs to the the poor soldiers !! If Hamda Saber was a MB of course , things would have been different.


  1. Marxism is the solution. Commies never do this.

  2. The stupid propaganda machine is working franticly to discredit the man and cover their track. Some rumors and releases;
    1. The man voluntarily took his close off (some radio reporter)
    2. He was carrying 18 molotov bottles and 2 gasoline tanks
    3. (in the works) his is mentally unstable, or he funded black block

    This denial, illogical and senseless defense is by itself a proof of guilt. Transferring the victim to Police Hospital and offering royal treatment to his wife - which never happened in similar circumstances - is indirect admission of guilt.

    What happen and now saw by the whole world is a travesty. But the the real crime is unfolding of what 's happening now.

  3. Zeinobia, I'm very interested in knowing what you're solution to the problem is. How should Morsi go about fixing al Dakhlia? We keep hearing that he only changes the minister but won't make serious changes because the officers might revolt against him. To me it seems like the biggest problem is the corruption and brutality of the interior ministry- and they would act the same way whether the president was Morsi, Moussa, Aboul Fotouh, Sabbahi or whoever. If there are protests, the police will be brutal monsters. Should Morsi seek the military's help in fixing al dakhlia, should he send all the top officers into early retirement and make other major changes while increasing salaries for lower level officers so they don't revolt? I don't know- what do you think????

    We keep seeing this in every situation. Protesters are attacked by the police (and I don't think Morsi has any control over this). In the trial for the al Masry fans from Port Said no police were convicted despite that they were the ones who welded shut the entrances and trapped people inside the stadium. Morsi is afraid to go after the police, but unless they change Egypt will not see stability and they will continue to cause problems. What are your thoughts on this??

  4. ... and now the prosecutors claim the man was attacked and beaten by protesters and the police came to his rescue.

    I am still in search for the fitting words but i'm wondering how stupid some people think we all are. This is an insult to the intellect of the egyptian people. You don't need to be able to read or write or have an university degree to watch the TV pictures that proof the exact opposite. That prosecution has to be fired asap and prosecuted immediately for the attempt to cover a crime.

  5. And it is geting worse and worse. Now this poor man claims himself that police helped him. He is obviously under extreme pressure there in the police hospital. Lawyers were not allowed inside.

  6. This is shocking. It is not just el-ikhwan that are barbarians but also the police but the whole world is watching

    Morsi and his gang have to go as in irhal and good riddance and on the way out take all the ignorant salafi sheikhs and give them to Saudi Arabia

  7. Browsing through the comments, I think no one thought how brutal & low this police can be.

  8. I am not seeing on that video the police stripping him. Can anyone honestly stand up in a court of law as a witness and say that after watching that video they are sure the police stripped him? A lot of hysteria in the media but what we lack are concrete facts and he is not being stripped from what I am watching.

    1. I think he was stripped. Even if you can't see it happening in the video, you can clearly see him being beaten and dragged. However, I do not hold Morsi responsible for this. I don't understand how people hold him responsible for what the police do simply because he is the president. The interior ministry hardly responds to him and does whatever it wants. Perhaps after these protests he'll learn that he needs to more aggressively pursue reforming the ministry, but the police's actions are not the direct result of a Morsi presidency. People who associate the interior ministry's actions with the failure of Morsi's presidency are just looking for a way to ruin his legitimacy and have a more secular president. Like an earlier comment said, Morsi needs to focus on reforming the interior ministry.

      For me personally, if Morsi can manage to clean up the ministry and have it treat citizens with respect and acknowledge their human rights, then I'll consider his presidency successful. Fix the interior ministry and everything in Egypt will improve. I'm convinced that they send thugs into protests because they have a stake in bringing down Morsi and keeping the status quo within the ministry.

    2. I totally agree with everything you say. Morsi has an impossible job to cleanse Mubaraks MOI and the Egyptians have to realise that no president would have an easy job. This is more about ousting a democratically elected president they do not like. The hysteria about this video and I have watched it more than 30 times now does NOT show him being stripped. In fact he looks like he was lying there and police came to him then tried to drag him into the vehicle. I would love to see the unedited full video to see what really happened. I have to admit that after 5 years living in Egypt I now understand why Islam needs 4 witnesses of good character. I get it now. There are millions of Egyptians who would swear blind this video shows him being stripped. Clearly it does not and I guess God knew that Arabs and Muslims lie and made that rule that you must have 4 witnesses and I now get the why women have to be doubled as witnesses because I have seen so much lying through the teeth, bare faced lying by women here it is just unbelievable and over the stupidest things! Anyone who I agree stands in a court room and say that video shows him being stripped is a liar and for sure I would never want any Egyptian as a witness to the prosecution against me. 5 Years here learned me a big lesson on never trust an Egyptian or his testimony as they lie easily or are easily bribed. So many Muslims, but so little Islam I'm sad.

  9. I pity the man, a mere construction worker merely exercising his right to assembly and freedom of speech.

  10. it is a pity, the man, a mere construction worker is exercising his right to assemble and freedom of speech.

  11. Just for the record: most Italian tv news spoke about this, it produced some clamour over here. Then yesterday they showed the man speaking from his bed and saying the protesters bet him and the police helped my opinion italian tv news are garbage and shouldn't be watched, however most italians follow them, and so now this is the view that we're getting of Egypt and protesters. Very sad

    1. You hear so much about the horrific beating from the media and activists and opposition who clearly have an agenda. IF he was so severely beaten then why was he sitting up smiling in the bed and chatting like nothing happened? He was released from hospital so to be sure he could not have been severely beaten as they say. We should always be very cautious as to what we believe from media and activists and opposition who will say anything to suit their agenda. Seriously! what Muslim would swear to God that this man looks like he has been beaten half to death as they are all saying.


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