Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Belated #Valentine From #Tahrir square

This shot was taken by Pierre Sioufi from his famous apartment in Tahrir today.
 To be honest I am against the closure of Tahrir square by protesters , I believe already Tahrir square was overused to the level that it has become insignificant. The hope now is the movement in different governorates in Egypt and areas in Cairo.
One thing for sure we lost a lot when we limited the revolution in Tahrir only.


  1. Hi,
    You mention the "closure of Tahrir square by protesters". Is that because the protesters themselves are not letting people in the square, or is it because it's just dangerous and best avoided? That van looks like it has been there a long time... is the rest of the square in similar condition? (Though I like the hearts they put on the van). Just curious

    Rob W.

    1. They do not let traffic in and this is a real vital square in Cairo. They do not let traffic in as some sort of protesting.
      The Van was torched last January in the Clashes with the CSF.It ran over some protester on January 28,2013 and the protesters attacked it. They took over it and torched in the square. It had become a landmark in the square now.

  2. You lost everything including support when you refused to accept democracy and continued with the plan to obstruct everything vital to recovering the country and it's economy. No other country would have continued like this when they saw the damage to the economy and how scared away tourism especially. The few thousand out of 90 million who do protest will never however accept that what they are doing is against the interests of the country as a whole. They are too immature and illogical and are so disunited because they only have their own agendas at heart. Very sad to sit and watch this tragedy day after day month after month year after year.


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