Friday, February 15, 2013

#PortSaid : The city of resistance and Agony

Ahram Online made this amazing video clip as part of its special coverage on what is happening in the city of Port Said.

This clip includes a short interview with the famous Hero Mahran of Port Said who was tortured by British forces during the 1956 Suez war.
There is no trade in the city as you can, shops are closed and traders come to it anymore. The people of Port Said are extremely angry and sad. My friends have been there from short time ago , they told me that the industrial zone there has been closed by Port Said people themselves in a protest for what they believe as a neglect by the government.
I do not know if it is opened again or not.
My friends told me that after being the town of MB leading figure Akram El Shaer people can not stomach the Muslim brotherhood anymore , already there is no apparent activity for the Freedom and Justice party or MB anymore in the city. El Shaer’s office and clinic have been attacked during the clashes. The Islamists in general are keeping low profile.
MB HQ signs removed by angry protesters in Port Said 
Port Said seems like a boiling zone and nobody wants to come near to even the Non Islamist parties. Even the liberal parties and politicians fear to go there !!
It is no longer a matter of football game and what followed it from massacres because there have been massacres committed from couple of weeks ago and nobody paid attention. The police force committed crimes and yet to my knowledge the head of the police directorate has not been summoned for investigation on the extreme use of violence. I am not speaking about the attack on the Port Said but I am speaking on the following two days : The funeral day and the Al Arab Police Station clashes.
We have not heard already any explanation from the police regarding that sniper filmed in the Euronews report. No explanation at all.
The sniper filmed at last
The people of Port Said have to be extremely angry. People have forgotten their agony and tragedy as they always do.

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