Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Children of Death "Graphic"

And death news has become a daily routine in Egypt. I am not speaking about regular death but death that targets young men and children. This was my day today , following the news of death whether it was a death of young activist in Syria or a simple Sweet Potato who did not want to have dreams because he was poor !!
Late Mehrez with his baby girl Nada
This is how I started my day by reading news about the death of Egyptian activist and blogger Mohamed Mehrez in Syria.
The 27 years old blogger and activist was killed last Tuesday in combat. He was fighting with FSA and was killed according to news reports in Aleppo in battle near the Aleppo Airport last Tuesday by a sniper. He went to Syria from a month ago leaving behind a wife and little baby girl called Nada
I do not know Mehrez in person nor did I know him before despite it turned out that he is from the 2005 bloggers generation in Egypt. Still many of my friends from left and right know him personally and were more than shocked for his death. It turned out that Mehrez was one of those bloggers and protesters that defied the Mubarak regime during that time.
May Allah bless his soul he managed to gather to Non Islamists and Islamists online for some time together in some peace before politics and media enter the scene.
They told me that he was an ex-MB member , more of independent Islamist. Later I knew that his brother is Yasser Mehrez who is the one of the latest MB spokespersons.
Of course personally the biggest shock to me was to find Mohamed Mehrez following me on twitter. May Allah bless his soul.
Mehrez is not the first Egyptian to be killed while fighting with the rebel fighters , in fact there are at least 10 Egyptians to be killed while fighting with the FSA and other rebel groups. Most of them of these Egyptians if not all of them are Islamists.
The Egyptian fighters in Syria are considered a big file that should be discussed but I feel I am not able to do it now.
Mohamed Mehrez went to Syria seeking Jihad which is to fight along the Syrians against the regime forces and to aid them.
People are debating about whether he should have gone or not and whether it is worth it or not to end of these debates. I will not lie to say that I wish that if he stayed just to see his baby girl growing up but I understand why he went.
May Allah bless Mehrez’ soul.
The other death story that made me busy all day searching for truth is the story of the young sweet Potato seller.
Yesterday we were shocked to find a photo for a kid in the morgue "It is graphic" , we do not know who he was except that his body was found during the clashes taken place in Tahrir square area.
The sweet potato seller in the morgue :(
Then today we found this heartbreaking video clip for the kid speaking to the camera about how he should not dream for his future. It is heartbreaking.
Omar : It is not my right to dream Mister !!
His name was Omar and it turned out that he was shot by accident last February 3 , 2013. He was about 10 years old only. According to sources and reports that kid was shot by accident by some army solider at the US embassy checkpoint and that his family is being allegedly compensated by the army “in very rare occasion” while the solider is detained by military prosecution.  Of course I do not understand how the army allegedly did start its investigations and the boy’s family is compensated while the body of the kid is still in the morgue and activist can not find his family !!
I thought first that there were two kids shot in Tahrir square as there were many contradicting reports.
What is shocking is how Omar’s body lays in the morgue and then you see him speaking in a video about why he should not dream.
May Allah bless your soul Omar.
It is like death hunts you. I feel so depressed and sad.
The children of Nile have become the children of death.
Have a nice night :(


  1. Mohamed Mehrez has been sending out tweets making fun of your favorite presidential candidate with the ElBaradei Quote Generator.

  2. I feel very sorry for both of them. May their souls find peace. Every time i pass Tahrir and Sadat metro and i see these homeless children sleeping there in the dirt, it almost breaks my heart. And when I see how some people treat them, as if they were a piece of shit, I get so angry. But sadly there is nothing I can do myself as it is a huge problem in general and a solution to help those kids has to be found.

    Speaking of Mohamed I can only hope that his wife and kid forgive him for his descision to go to syria and fight. I would definetly not. If you are the father of a young family, you bear some responsibility for them. Especially for the young baby girl. It is the task of your life to raise them secure and well. If you want to go for some adventure putting your life ast risk, you should consider that before having children. And it is definetly something else to participate in some demonstration here and get shot (which can sadly speaking happen) than go to syria to fight into a war. Because you know that going to syria to fight means most certainly being severely wounded or die.
    One should not speak bad about the dead so I will only say I have zero understanding for this descision.

  3. It is really sad that young people in Egypt are not taught that your first priority is to take care of yourself and only then will you be able to take care of the people that depend on you as in your wife/husband and children and then your parents and the people that love you and then your community

    I'm sorry to say that but Mohamed's priorities were very misguided and if he wanted to help then his priority should have been to help Egyptians that are being used and abused by the people in charge after all charity starts at home and yes I'm not blaming the victim as he is indeed a victim but the truth has to be told

    Still may he RIP


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