Wednesday, February 6, 2013

This is how the #WorldCancerDay is celebrated in Egypt !!

The World Cancer Day was celebrated World Wide yesterday and despite in Egypt you find ads begging you to donate  to the Children cancer hospital aka 56756 whether in Egyptian Pound or dollar , the government celebrated it in its own way.
The government or rather the ministry of interior has been ignoring the pleas of human rights activists to release 14 years old Mahmoud Adel , a cancer patient who was arrested in Alexandria during the clashes there.
Mahmoud Adel got chemo sessions and the magistrate in the case Mohamed Abdel Waheb refuses to release the boy despite his illness.
Now some people mostly associated with Muslim brotherhood and Al Wasat party calming that Adel was already treated from cancer despite the medical reports that say otherwise and that we are making a big fuss in the media.
I do not know why people began to lose their humanity in this way for god sake !!
Human rights activists plead for his release yet there is no answer.
When confronted  with the fact that there are over 100 minor arrested in the latest clashes, the minister of justice Mahmoud Makky surprised us all tonight when he said on ONTV
How would I know that there are kids arrested including the cancer patient !? How would I know !??"
To our horror Mahmoud's story seems to be less tragic than the other stories we began to know regarding those kids arrested in the clashes. It is only the tip of the ice berg.

Updated : 

The public prosecution has ordered the release of Mahmoud earlier this morning.

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  1. What you have missed is that he was presented to prosecutors 2 times, and in both times they refused to release him..

    How will ministry of interior release him if prosecutors order him to be imprisoned?

    By they way, minister of Justice have no hands in this situation.. It is the prosecutors.


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