Wednesday, February 6, 2013

#Belaid , the first in #Tunisia , who will be next !!

Earlier this morning the leader of left Democratic patriots movement party in Tunisia , Chokri Belaid has been killed outside his house. The man was shot four times in his head and chest in front of his house , in front of his car. Here is a video filmed by his neighbours from the scene showing the ambulance and his car.

Despite no one has yet claimed responsbility, Tunisian opposition began to accuse radical Islamists especially that from seven months ago a Salafist preacher called for his assassination publicly on video.
 It is also worth to mention that late Belaid himself warned in last summer from political assassinations.
This is dangerous on many levels considering that this is the first assassination Tunisia would witness since the revolution.
Some Salafists in Tunisia already are happy for his assassination and they are not hiding it.

 Here is a video showing the widow of Belaid crying in the hospital.
Here is the poor lady holding her husband bloody shirt in the hospital.
Belaid's shirt "@David Thompson"
People are currently protesting Habib Bourghiba famous street.

Protesters in Tunis "@Luith"
 Here is a video clip for the protest in Tunis by Hossem Aoudi

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Unlike Egypt there is no violent clashes or confrontations in Tunisia on wide scale. I think this can trigger something.Already Salafists there are much more violent than those in Egypt. People have started rallies and protests in several provinces like Sfax.
Now back in Egypt some people fear that the turn will be on our opposition leading figures considering the fact that Egypt is two steps behind Tunisia according to their point of view but others believe we are already two steps forward as the young activists and protesters especially those with anti-MB views like Mohamed El Gundy and Hossainy Abu Deif began to be eliminated in different ways.


  1. I have to laugh at your stupidity Zeinobia. You vote for Islamists and then wonder why terrorist acts occur?

    1. In a democracy the authority of the government is created and sustained by the consent of its people ("sovereignty of the people"). Can the MB accept that?

      A religious person considers God as the only sovereign. How can a religious person accept the principle of "sovereignty of the people"?

  2. Who said that she voted for the islamists you stupid prick? Zeinobia does a great job. Stop your insulting

    1. Zeinobia explained her lukewarm endorsement in And I support Dr. Abdel Moneim Abu El Fotouh.

      @Zeinobia, a widget to browse your old posts, a.k.a., a "blog archive widget" would be helpful. The Blogger default one works fine for El Naschie Watch. It has an expandable/collapsible tree view and goes back to 2009.

  3. Four gunshots. Like a mafia contract killing. Sheik Corleone. Zeinobia, Iran suffered a series of assassinations in the 1990's called The Chain Murders which were traced back to the Interior Ministry & the office of the then & current Supreme Leader.

    The targets were intellectuals, artists, leftists and a wide spectrum of personalities, 80-yr old politicians, women, young activists,students, minorities. They were stabbed,shot, poisoned, bombed, made to appear the victims of auto accidents, strangled, beaten to death,killed by injection inducing heart attack, kidnapped and never seen again. No one knows how many there were and whether this 'unofficial' operation ever ended.

    Its a forbidden subject in Iran. Most of these people were excellent, harmless, talented individuals but someone saw them as a threat and sanctioned their deaths. This is how terror is used as a political instrument. It usually works. People fear, not for themselves, but for those they care about.


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