Tuesday, February 5, 2013

#Ahmadinejad in Al Azhar Mosque

Aside from his meeting with President Morsi , the visit of Iranian President Ahmadinejad to Al Azhar Mosque in Egypt is capturing all the attention in his important visit.
After all the leader of the main Shiite State nation in the world is visit Al Azhar Mosque , the biggest Sunni institution in the world. Again in any other time it can be great moment to celebrate it and even start a new page to bridge between the two main sects of Islam but it comes in extremely bad time.
Nevertheless the real star of the visit was not Ahmadinejad but rather Ahmed El Tayyib , the grand Sheikh of Al Azhar Mosque. The Upper Egyptian Sheikh began to play a bigger political role week after week !!
Today he hoped that Iran works to stop the war in Syria , to give rights to the Sunnis and Ahwaz in Iran and not to spread the Shiism in the Arab world plus to respect Bahrain and Gulf’s sovereignty and to make the Shiites stop their verbal attack against Prophet Mohamed’s companions.
Of course there is no word on the rights of Shiites in Egypt !!
Last week the man sponsored an initiative proposed by Pro-revolutionary youth to stop violence in Egypt attended by all political powers and parties and church representatives that boycott the president Morsi’s national dialogue.
Anyhow some Egyptians are pissed from Ahmadinejad and the victory signs he kept doing in Al Azhar for some reason I ignore !!
El Tayyib does not like it either !!
By the way for the record Ahmadinejad is not the first ruler of Iran to visit Al Azhar mosque and meets it sheikh. Shah Iran did it before when he was a crown prince during his engagement to Princess Fawzia , that later became his wife.

 Here is what the man from Tehran said at Al Azhar
Ahmadinajed speaks in Al Azhar Mosque
And in other news a Syrian citizen tried to throw a shoe at the Iranian President during his visit to Al Hussien Mosque.
Attacking Ahmadinejad


  1. This man was an executioner & secret policeman early in his career. He was essentially designated/appointed President by the dictator of Iran - Ali Khamenei. Both he and Khamenei care nothing for human life whether Sunni, Shia or other. He is a bringer of misfortune wherever he goes. Cain.

  2. His visit to Egypt is an indication that the MB want to learn and copy how their clergy turned Iran from a secular country to an Islamic state.

  3. What the sheikh of al azhar is forgetting is that the institution that he leads was founded by the Shiite dynasty of the Fatimids. It is ironic that a Sunni Imam is preaching to Shi'ites about encroaching on their territory whilst in the era when the Al Azhar was founded Egypt used to be Shi'ite and Iran used to be Sunni!!


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