Saturday, March 9, 2013

#9March : The trial part 2 #UA07 #PortSaid

Egypt is holding again its breath as we will resume the trial of the Port Said stadium clashes. Today expectedly the New Cairo Criminal court will announce its final verdicts regarding all the defendants.
I said expectedly because there are leaks regarding today’s verdicts. One of the most important leak comes from the presidency itself , from none other than the President’s advisor for legal affairs Mr. Jadallah who claimed that the trial will be adjourned.
Another scenario expected after leaks that the official 21 defendants’ death sentence announcement will be adjourned because the new Mufti has to study the case “more than 1000 papers” to issue his decision regarding the death sentence. If the case is delayed , things will be extremely bad.
The Ultras boys began to show up at Ahly Club. Some say that their numbers are less than the numbers that showed up on last 26 January 2013. If not all the Ultras members show up at Ahly club in Zamalek then the rest of them are going to appear else where.
The Ultras at Ahly Club "Kareem Yaccoub"
Some eye witnesses say that a group of Ultras members appeared in Tahrir square Metro station. Either they head from there to Ahly Club or the Ministry of interior.
It is worth to mention that the army built at night another wall near the ministry of interior.
On the other hand Port Said is also anticipating the verdict. The police disappeared totally from the city. Most shops are closed. You know the calm before the storm. This is Port Said now.
Calm Port Said "Haitham El Tabei"
Live update below
The army helicopters are back hovering in Port Said’s sky.
The families of the Ultras martyrs have not showed at the court strangely.
The court room from Egyptian TV "Kareem Yaccoub"
Here is a link with Live broadcast from several TV channels in Egypt. The National Egyptian TV has got the exclusive rights to air the trial from the court room in the Police academy. The National Egyptian TV sold the broadcast like in football matches.
Live coverage in the way 

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