Monday, March 18, 2013

#EgyArmy : Watch out Class 109

General El Sissi
Please watch carefully The Class 109 in the Military academy , it is exceptional class by all measures. The Class 109 aka Saad El Shaazly class is a historical because for the first time since God knows when young men from Muslim brotherhood are allowed to enroll in the military academy.
Yes for the first time a number from young men from the Muslim brotherhood above them President’s nephew himself who was accepted to enroll in the Technical Military school. Not only the Muslim brotherhood boys enrolled in the military academy but also the boys of many Islamist backgrounds like Salafists.
The headmaster of the military academy says that there is no fear because all political affiliations are left outside the door and that if any officer violates army code and gets involved with politics will be expelled. The problem is not in the officers but rather in the students, the future officers. 
The Class 109 is interesting because according to my info there was a delay to announce the results of the applicants and whether they are accepted or not in what is known to be the initial screening before 100 days of training prior to be officially a student in the military academy. This is according to my humble info.
Let me be straight I do not have any problem that students from different religions and sects even atheists as well races to join the army , it is right from the citizenship rights but I have a huge problem with students affiliated with political current that got its own view and goals contradicting the current view and goals of the Egyptian state established by Mohamed Ali from 200 years.
I do not know the MB student/Officer will follow his commander’s orders or the order of the guidance office !? How will the MB student look to Mohamed Ali Pasha and Ibrahim Pasha, the founders of the modern Egyptian army whom the brothers and the Islamists in general hate because they defied the Othman Empire and modernized Egypt !?
How will the MB student look to Nasser and the 23 July regime that actually whether you agree or disagree rebuilt the Egyptian army for the second time after Mohamed Ali Pasha !?
The MB got a project of Caliphate that the brothers do not deny and it is beyond the Egyptian state and its army.
Will the MB students and officers share the secrets of the army with the guidance office !?
Already one of the biggest dreams of the MB in those 80 was to infiltrate the army and I think they made it officially !!
Unfortunately we have witnessed from MB’s behavior, policies and beliefs especially among the youth made me think about those boys who turned the military academy. The MB families brainwash its kids technically as far as I can tell , how can I trust a brainwashed person who believes that I am not a believer because I am liberal on myself , on my country !?
It is enough to see what the MB youth and teenagers post online and on Facebook to be worried for God sake on what they will do in the country without the army for God sake.
My concern is that before 1936 Egyptian army was excluded on rich class then after 1936 starting with President Nasser’s class all other classes were allowed to enroll in to the War School. After 10 years Nasser and his fellow officers started the Free officers and brought down the Mohamed Ali Royal Family and changing Egypt and the Arab world later. This is why I am worried from Class 109 and what it may produce.
Liberals , Salafists, Leftists , moderates do not have the same complicated doctrines ,teachings and principles as well Mega universal plan to master the world like the MB. Of course I will be able all sort of names coz of this. 
Now old army veterans received the news in surprise while the current army officers seemed to be indifferent as they believe that the next 4 years those boys will turn to be different men unaffiliated to anyone except the Egyptian army. Still some army officers including trusted ones believe that there were pressures by presidency to accept the MB boys in particular.
Some people are accusing minister of defense El Sissi of being a covert MB member in the army especially that his great uncle was a late leading member in the brotherhood. Of course these people ignore the fact that El Sissi is nicknamed as Tantawy’s son in the army !! For God sake he will not reach to that position in military intelligence in time of Mubarak if he were really an Islamist or MB even in secret.
Of course people are hysterical at the Official Spokesperson of Armed forces more than I do.
The debate about Class 109 will not end and surely it is timing now interesting with this strange relation between the MB and the military.


  1. MB student should instead become a farmer! No he cant!! because he will destroy all the crops and starve us all..MB student should instead become a taxi driver!! NO we wouldn't allow that!! because he will always divert his destination to Muqattam and brainwash us all..MB student should instead become a doctor..Are u kidding me????? he will kill us all with his lethal injection on brand new MB vaccination..MB student should instead become a journalist!! u are out of your mind!! He will spread his evil teaching on his so called Syariah ambition..

  2. Nasser did not rebuild the Army, he destroyed it. The one who rebuilt it was Sadat.

  3. Both the Liberals and the Nasserists have had their chance to rule Egypt, now you must give Islamists a chance to rule, otherwise it will only create more violence and subversion. At least the Islamists have a popular mandate which NONE of the Egyptian rulers in the last 2000 years have had.

    "I do not know the MB student/Officer will follow his commander’s orders or the order of the guidance office ? "

    There will not be any contradiction between the orders of the Commander and that of the Guidance Bureau. Unanimity will be the name of the game in Islamic Egypt.

  4. Zeinobia you are presuming that the interests of the Army and the Guidance Bureau are contradictory. That is not the case. The Guidance Bureau represents Islam, the Army represents Egypt which is an Islamic State.

    1. "The Guidance Bureau represents Islam". Right !
      Are u sure u dont mean their interpretation of Islam. Lets hope they do not lead us to the Kingdom of God as they did in Somalia and Afganestan and Iran. They represent Islam too , dont they?

  5. Dear Zeinobia,
    this situation is a real dilemma. In a democratic country everybody should be allowed to join the army unless there is a criminal record. Even the record of family members can't be of interest as every person is responsible for him- or herself and you can't be held accountable for what your father or grandfather did. If you start to block certain groups from entering the army, who decides who is allowed and who not. Whoever respects and accepts the constitution should be allowed. That can be the only criteria.

    If you block MB, why are members of other parties allowed? You can always question, if their loyalty lies more with the party or with the army. By blocking all islamists, the army is relatively anti-islamist. Is that democratic? No, it is certainly not. The army has to be like a mirror of society and islamists are part of it. So there is no problem from that point of view with MB recruits. It is furthermore a nessessary step towards a democratic future.

    But there is a heavy weighted argument against this, at least for the moment. The MB is an illegal organisation as it didn't register itself till now and obviously didn't try - as far as I understand the ews reports. And of course this is a red line when it comes to army recruits: no members of illegal organisations! So unless the MB becomes an officially recognized group, it stays illegal and therefore its members can't be allowed to join the army. If there is official recognition, they of course have the right to join the army as everybody else.

  6. Where did you get the fact that the MB hates Mohammed Ali?
    And why do you consider in the first place that Mohammed Ali's vision (and Later the 23 July coup) and regime are the best suited ever for Egypt? and even consider those who have adifferent opinion anti-egyptian...

    People who supported the EU coinstitution for example were not labled dangerous to their respective countries because they wanted more unity with other europeans!!!


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