Monday, March 18, 2013

And Environment in #Egypt lost a great friend today

Late Mindy
Today I started my day speechless , you know when you hear a sad news that you are not ready for at all. This is how my day started. I was shocked to know that dear friend and environmentalist Mindy Bahaa El Din has passed away.
Dear Mindy suffered a stroke on Thursday night and passed away earlier this morning at Dar El Fouad Hospital in 6 of October. For those who do not know Mindy Bahaa El Din , originally from the States was the most active and passionate environmental activists and conservationist in Egypt. Along with her husband famous conservationist Sherif Bahaa El Din , Mindy struggled against all unstoppable aggression on environment in Egypt. She really loved Egypt so much more than some Egyptians do I would dare and say. She was optimistic and had hopes for better future for Egypt. Mindy was buried in Egypt from several hours ago.
Mendy was unknown solider in the battle of environment in Egypt indeed. I wish more people knew her and knew her work in Nature Conservation Egypt.
Dear Mindy was a long time Egyptian Chronicles reader and she used to help me with info when its comes to environment in Egypt. She was nice to me and very caring. I did not meet her in person but I wish I had.
Here is a small clip by dear Ghazla Irshad showing late Mindy speaking about Egypt.

My deepest condolences to her husband Dr.Sherif and her beautiful daughters Laila and Yasmine. May Allah grant them patience to cope that huge loss.
Next Thursday the memorial service will be held for Mindy at El Hamdia El Shazlia famous mosque in Mohandessin area.

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