Monday, March 4, 2013

#PortSaid : Another day of clashes ,another round of madness

And Port Said is once again on fire and it seems that it is not the usual clash between protesters and security forces from police as it stared but it evolved madly to clashes between armed forces and police forces from CSF.
According to the people of Port Said , the clashes started after the families of Port Said stadium clashes defendants and Green Eagles Ultras group knew that the ministry of interior transferred all the prisoners “including the defendants” to Wadi El Natron prison in Beheira secretly. “The head of Port Said prison reportedly resigned to object how the prisoners were transferred without his knowledge”
The clashes spread and evolved especially it came in less than 24 hours after how the police hit and run a young man from Port Said. Sooner we found news that police forces were acting madly attacking both people and army units that came between them and the people to stop the clashes !!
Today we had these crazy photos showing people aiding the army officers and soldiers after fainting from the tear gas grenades
Then things evolved and police forces began to use birdshots as usual and we began to hear that army soldiers and officers were shot. Then at 8 PM the madness started when reports began to speak to about the live ammunition. Tweeps and bloggers then in the city began to speak on how the army units began to clash with police chasing their vehicles till the governorate HQ building. Then we got news that the police disappeared  and  people in Port Said were chanting “The people and the army are one hand” and taking the army’s side.

We got video clips , we got photos and we got testimonies
We got also videos despite not so clear but still we got videos and people confirming these videos. Here is a video showing the people standing at the army side while there was unstoppable firearms.
 Still the armed forces ironically denied that there are clashes between army units and CSF forces officially blaming on the unknown third party on opening fire on both the army forces and the police forces !!!!
Official army spokesperson Ahmed Ali posted that official statement on his Facebook Page announcing the death of CSF conscript and the injury of army colonel in the clashes. The army colonel was shot by gunfire in his leg. He headed the army unit securing the governorate building.  So far 7 from police and army are injured including 3 army soldiers and that colonel according to ministry of health.The death toll has increased to 5 for God sake.
Ironically Ali says so when we got videos and photos. Of course I do understand the deep trouble the army and the police are now. We are speaking about something we can watch in black comedy films. It is another sign of the State’s absence.
My own prediction that the police leaderships in Port Said will face days like hell.

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