Sunday, March 3, 2013

#SecKerry in #Cairo : Not so successful visit

And US department of State Secretary of State John Kerry came to Egypt as an old friend before being an US official just like Hilary Clinton from 4 years ago still I know that the Egypt he came to yesterday is different totally than the Egypt he used to know.
Some say that he came to save the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt and to end that hidden tension between opposition and the MB from one side and the army and the MB from another side. At least to reach for comprises and deals between all parties in order to end that noise ,that headache coming from Cairo. Washington got two important related files already in the Middle East : Syria and Israel.Thus that noise from Cairo should be stopped.
The man who is roaming the region in his first world tour tried to meet with everybody including Ahmed Shafik's representative in Cairo Mohamed Abu Hamed.
Still I do not think that the Kerry has succeeded in his visit, of course it is too early to say that but it is enough to see how two opposition icons like ElBaradei and Hamdeen Sabbahi refused to meet with him.Those members from the National Salvation who met with the American guest were representing themselves only.
It was wise thing to do because the National Salvation Front had enough accusations by Islamists that they work for the US.

Some insiders say that Kerry told the opposition representatives that they should participate in the upcoming elections otherwise Egypt will head to economic disaster. I do not know if he said this or not but we are already living economic disaster yet I think the man who comes from the Free world leading country should know better that many people will not accept to take role in a charade to please the States. What kind of elections we can have if at least have two governorates on fire with unprecedented polarization in Egypt.
So far the NSF is insisting on its boycott decision. Needless to say this decision will not stop the Islamists from accusing ElBaradei of being the West's puppet as unfortunately many of them have cancelled their brains and are insisting this accusation like parrots.
Ironically in Kerry's visit we know that in Egypt : There are three decision makers in Egypt. He met with minister of defense El-Sisi then he met with Morsi following with a meeting we knew about from US media with the head of the intelligence to discuss Syrian issue !! This sums a lot !!
Of course the star of Kerry's visit to Cairo was the amazing Gamila Ismail whose word or rather speech to Kerry summarized what millions of Egypt want to say to the US administration. I wish that it is translated in to English. This speech should be featured in the US media. It summarized everything.
By the way Secretary Kerry is heading to Qatar this evening. He should have departed by 4 PM but he was delayed by none other than Ultras boys.
I believe Kerry left Cairo with no solution but rather more confusing questions.


  1. hilarious, you forgot to mention that Kerry gave you 250 million dollars to run the joke that is the Egyptian government. fuck you for taking our money you worthless arab monkeys.

    1. You Insult Yourself And Your Bloody Country...Keep Your Money, Or In Other Words STOP Steeling The Arab Money, Oil And Natural Resources..And Pay Compensations For The Family Victims Of More Than Millions Arab In IRAQ Who You Murdered Like Barbarians Or Worst. This What Mrs. Gamila Ismael Said To Your Kerry..."We Want NOTHING from You Or USA"...Just Go !!!!

    2. Well... That's not very nice. But you're right, you'd think Zeinobia would have mentioned that detail.

    3. This is typical US American hypocrisy! It is you who should be ashamed of your government. We know all to well that your money is given only to serve your very own bloody political interest!
      Take your money and your Jewish friends and leave the Middle East!

    4. Well I wrote this before I know about the aid anyhow we do not want this money. In fact seriously we prefer that you keep it for yourself instead of wasting it on monkeys.

    5. hey hammy,

      funny but I bet more Arabs killed Arabs than US forces did, and what about Arab Christians getting terrorized by other arabs, there's so much tribal far as arabs being called monkeys, arab societies are filled with racism, so what goes around comes around. clean up your own act before feigning offense...

    6. This is typical US American hypocrisy!

      An Egyptian comedian says this? I suppose next you'll be claiming the revolution in your country was about dignity and freedom? Democracy? :o

      It is you who should be ashamed of your government.

      Unlike you guys in Egypt, who elected some stone age douchebags to replace one of the least-bad of the Arab governments. Speaking of which, on which planet is any government Arabs have ever had even worthy of comparison to the government of the United States?

      We know all to well that your money is given only to serve your very own bloody political interest!

      And what are American vital interests in Egypt? Somebody please tell me? I've been trying to get an Egyptian on this blog to give a serious answer to that question for a week now. Why do you folks keep making that claim if you can't document your evidence?

      Take your money and your Jewish friends and leave the Middle East!

      Our Jewish friends? Gotta love racists being outraged by racism, eh? :P

      As for our money and everything else we do for Egypt, I'd dearly love it if that came to pass. I'm totally with you on that. If anyone ever deserved to live in a failed state, it's Egyptians.

  2. John Kerry's pointed out that the solution to Egypt's problems rests with Egyptians working together to solve it's political and economical problems. His role is advisory and made it clear that the US does not support any political party but is willing to help Egypt overcome it's economical problems upon adopting IMF recommendations.
    Egypt's problems were created by Egyptians and can only be solved by Egyptians if they want Democracy to take shape.
    Stop looking outwards for reasons and solutions, look inwards!
    The Canadian.

    1. Exactly!!!

      Name calling never helped anyone.....

      Egypt and the USA will need their mutual beneficial relation to be continued in any way.. Point.

    2. The US should not be willing "to help Egypt overcome it's economical problems", and as many Egyptians including those here on this blog, they don't want our money. The aid should go to people more worthy, and more grateful. Egyptians treat their ally and benefactor as an enemy. On what sane basis can that be continued? Not only should the economic aid, gifts and loans and investments, be ended, but political support should be ended as well, in addition to security cooperation. Non-essential travel should also be heavily discouraged, too. Tourists and activists don't seem to be very bright, so maybe in order to discourage travel the US should break off diplomatic relations on the bases Egypt is a state sponsor of international terrorism, for example in Benghazi last September and in Algeria more recently, and Syria as we speak? Works for me! And if Egyptians still don't get the message, we can think about sanctions. Egyptians love to posture themselves as enemies of the United States. Time for them to find out how that feels.

  3. I don't really see the point of Kerry meeting with National Salvation Front members- at least from a strategic point of view in America's interests. A study showed that 35% of Egyptian have never heard of the NSF, and half of people who know of it do not approve of it. If Kerry and the US think that the NSF carries any weight in the street, they are wrong. The NSF responds to events rather than actually leads them. Even with their elections boycott, we all know that the Wafd and other parties are going to participate as long as they think they have a chance to win seats in parliament. The NSF is just a platform for Hamdeen Sabbahi to try to present himself as a popular alternative to Morsi by casting himself as the leader of the opposition and absorbing some of the legitimacy and prestige of ElBaradei and Amr Moussa. The NSF means nothing, and everyone will see how weak it really is when its own members disregard its statement and participate in elections. I wish there was a real opposition movement that I could support. Right now, the most credible and honest thing is Masr al Qawiya.

    1. Why do I get a feeling Mr. Anonymus you are a KHAROUF, your first post sounded more like a new con that was good, you should have kept the same style, your last one unmasked you.
      bad job...

    2. Egyptian and Proud3/05/2013 10:38:00 AM

      Mr. Anonymus you sound more and more like a KHAROUF, you should have kept your oringinal NeoCon style, bad job with your last comment.

    3. should have kept your oringinal NeoCon style...

      There are no neocons posting comments on this blog, as far as I can tell. Maybe the proud Egyptian should educate himself about American politics? Or just keep talking out your ass like most proud Egyptians do. Your choice :)

  4. Great thread, guys. More fun than a food fight.

  5. Zeinobia, could you briefly tell what Gamila Ismail's words were?

  6. Just a quick piece of information for some of the people commenting: not everyone who posts under the name "Anonymous" is the same person. One of the options when submitting a post is "anonymous." And not everyone who is upset with the National Salvation Front is an MB supporter. Maybe they just want to see a real opposition force that isn't so weak, reactionary, and personalized...


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