Saturday, March 2, 2013

#Locusts reach to #Cairo

And after nearly week of waiting and warning , the locusts have reached Cairo , at least New Cairo coming from Red Sea. For a whole week locusts were giving hard time to the people in Upper Egypt and Red sea area that the army helped the people in fighting that nasty insects. Not less than 300 Fedans in Qena were reportedly destroyed by locusts. The hotels and resorts of Red sea used primitive techniques to keep locusts away.
Now here is a slideshow from New Cairo showing locusts.

Just do not wear green tonight in Cairo
Here is a video showing the locusts Please take care tomorrow. It seems that the locusts will head to North Delta


  1. If you want to believe in it, then this is a divine warning to the MB! For why else would the locusts select Moqattam, the home of the Murshid?

  2. I was wondering how often this happens.

    1. It happened before in 2005. And at this time the MB issued a statement, saying that God was punishing Mubarak ;)


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