Saturday, March 2, 2013

And The #HarlemShake craze reaches to MB “+18”

And to fight those boys who brought the Harlem Shake to their own doorstep , the infamous simple artist and MB youth figure close to Khariat El Shater Mr. Ahmed El Mogheer presented on his YouTube channel the Harlem Shake edition the whole world was waiting for.
The Muslim brotherhood Youth’s Harlem Shake aka “The Salvation Front Dance”. Now you can watch it but I warn you that it is disgusting.
MB Youth’s Harlem Shake
The fat guy dancing while wearing Ibrahim Eissa mask is El Mogheer. The rest of the guys are wearing poor made masks with the faces of the National Salvation front members. That clip is not from El Mogheer’s channel as he removed hours after uploading it.
We know it was him as he admitted in his Facebook and twitter before he removed the video as well the FB wall status updated regarding the video. Luckily we got his twitter account. El Mogheer removed the video after the criticism he got from his brothers .
He announced that he will explain the reason behind filming this video but he also removed this message from his Facebook page.
I do not know what kind of message El Mogheer wanted to deliver except he is hateful idiot. I do not need to say that the only that only appeared fool and insulted in that video was none other than Ahmed El Mogheer.
As if the opposition and its supporters will be angry from that stupid video.
It was better that the Muslim brotherhood youth ignore the whole thing and keep criticizing it from their own moral perspective.
Needless to say the video and El Mogheer have become the joke of social media today especially on twitter where there are special hashtags related to El Mogheer’s physical appearance.
I think now I covered all the Harlem Shakes in Egypt !!

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