Monday, March 11, 2013

Your Excellency It was recorded live !! "Graphic"

Yesterday in a Press Conference held at the ministry of interior , the minister of interior Ahmed Ibrahim claimed boldly that the police has  not used live ammunition against protesters since 25 January and that those responsible for the death or the murder of young protester Khaled Mostafa were other protesters.
Unfortunately his excellency did not see Sky News Arabia footage showing Khaled Mostafa shot down by police last Friday.
This footage was recorded live.
There is also extended version from two clips including that clip above and another clip showing the body of Khaled on the ground closer.

Just pay attention to the red circles.
The photos of Khaled were shocking last Friday.


  1. This is really an example of why Egypt has to have real and independent justice system where everyone is innocent until proven guilty and such tragedies are investigated which means that the minster of the interior should shut his mouth up until this crime (and yes it is a crime) is investigated

    Last: all Egyptians are equal in front of the law and no one is immune from the rule of the law and that the justice system should be independent from the government and that religion does not have a rule in the justice system so let me make it clear: el-shai3a may be was good 1400 years ago but it is for sure not good now

    Until this happens I see more crimes committed against the people of Egypt after all they got away with the murder of Khaled Said

  2. This minister is delusional: His mindset is clrealy in the past, wher it was sufficient that a government official gave a statement and that was it. Only a terrorist would put the truth of such statement into question.

    Youtube show abundant of clips showing activists shot by police.

    So it is evident: H.E. is a liar.

  3. But5 when Morsi tried to cleanse the judiciary and replace all the judges the whole country led by the NSF went against him demanding that he does not cleanse the judiciary!!!! have you such short memories? How can Morsi be blamed for this when he tried to cleanse them and the activists led by the NSF demanded he does not!!!!!!


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