Tuesday, March 12, 2013

MR.Minister you should resign after this confession

Minister of Justice Ahmed Mekki confessed today on TV a confession if it were said in another country , it would cause a political scandal that would cost both the minister of interior and minister of justice their positions.
Today minister Mekki confessed on TV that the minister of interior Mohamed Ibrahim told him to say that late Mohamed El Gendy was hit by a car before the first autopsy report would be released. He claims that the minister of interior told him that the initial autopsy came out and it ruled out that late 28 years old El Gendy was hit by a car.
Mekki : I was told to say so !!
This confession is historical one , a scoop for ONTV and dear friend Ahmed Kheir.

Late El Gendy
Mekki was trying to defend himself against the accusation of former head of autopsy authority Ehsan Gorgy that he “Mekki” interfered in Gundy’s autopsy report. Already this defense turned to shocking confession. I do not think professionally that the minister of justice should announce the initial autopsy report before it is officially announced by the autopsy authority. The whole affair stinks and proves that El Gendy did not die from car accident.
The autopsy authority in Egypt follows the ministry of justice.
You must know that after the initial report , top Egyptian doctors “big names” assigned to follow his case by the Popular Current said that he died from torture and this caused a huge problem for the Prosecutor general. The Prosecutor general then assigned a commission of 3 doctors including a doctor from the autopsy authority. The commission reached that El Gendy died from torture and not from car accident.
How does minister Mekki feel when he lies in this age after that career !?
I do not know what happened to Judge Mekki , it is not about political affiliation but more about the fact I feel that he is getting old and unstable.Politically speaking if the man knows that he is lying than he would not acting like that !! This puzzles me for real because if he is old and incapable of doing his job why he is insisting to continue in his position.
Mekki has to resign.


  1. What a disaster they will get away with another murder and as i keep saying if they were able to get away with the murder of Khaled Said then they will get away with the murder of Mohamed el-Gendy

    Egypt needs an independent justice system where no one is above the rule of the law not the minster of justice and not Morsi himself

    Mohamed: may you rest in peace

  2. بيبيع ضميره علشان السلطة حسابه عند ربنا كبير

  3. Actually,such a scandal could/would and should blow the whole Cabinet in any country!But the MB are transforming Egypt,under their black rein,inta a "Banana republic"!!! @amrazim2808

    1. Unfortunately you're right :(( Egypt was lost already but under control of the MB it's just hopeless .......


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