Monday, March 11, 2013

Samira Ibrahim and Twitter Saga

I waited all that time before I would speak about Samira Ibrahim and her twitter saga. I waited till she would return back to Egypt and tell her own version of the story. Tonight she appeared on ONTV’s Manshet TV show to speak about what happened.
If you do not know what I am talking , I think this post from NYT’s the Lede sums everything up.
Now after returning back to homeland, Samira Ibrahim said on TV that she made a mistake to accept this award without reading more about it and that the Zionist lobby and department of State wanted her to apology for her comments and speak well about Israel but she refused.
Samira poster form Getty
Unfortunately Mr. Gaber El Armouty did not ask her about her tweets specifically about the 9/11 tweet or tweets about Jews before she would speak about Zionism to the end of that talk. He did not ask her whether her account was hacked or not and why she claimed that her account was hacked and that those tweets were not hers as she told the department of State and announced on her tweet.He did not ask her why she would accept an award from the States when she feels happy about 9/11.
It is not the first time Samira’s tweets cause controversy. Several times we find shocking tweets from her account regarding Egypt and whenever anyone speaks about the matter some activists claim that she is not administrating this twitter account nor does she blog in her blog. Indeed sometimes I feel that someone else writes in her blog
Needless to say many people unfollowed her on twitter from several months ago due to her tweets.
Look Samira did a huge thing ; she stood for her rights against the most powerful institution in Egypt. We will not forget her role and the other girls from 9 March 2011’s virginity tests to stop this disgusting procedure in Egypt.
Still unfortunately Samira is not a real political activist as some positioned her to be in the media. Samira is a very simple girl from Upper Egypt that found herself in the center of the world. She was the first Egyptian woman to be featured in the Time magazine 100 person of the year for God sake. Yet unfortunately some pushed her to play a role bigger in the media than she could handle. Activism comes with responsibility and respect as well honesty before other any other thing.
Samira is lured like many famous faces in the revolution by the media and attention sadly enough media lights burn people. I am afraid that she is not the first and will not be the last from the revolution faces that will face this.
You will be surprised about how both the Islamists and Pro-SCAF/Mubarak supporters were so happy for what happened to her back in Cairo. The Islamists do not like Samira Ibrahim anymore because she attacks them and President Morsi day and night. Of course the Pro-SCAF/Mubarak supporters used what happen to discredit her as a victim for the virginity tests in the first place.
It is not about her political views as much her contradicting behavior on how she accepts an award from a country she was celebrating its worst moments and how she claimed that her twitter account was hacked while it seems that it was not. It is about that tweet speaking about Egyptian Copts and then speaking about Zionist lobby. Yes the Right wingers in the States were angry so are the rest of the Americans who are offended by the 9/11 tweet and yes the Jewish lobby is angry too. No one can deny this.
Unfortunately Samira Ibrahim hurt herself , her image and her creditably with what happened or not and I am sorry to say those who surround her do not help her instead they are harming her a lot.
I know I will be attacked a lot but seriously I can not keep it anymore.


  1. المباديء لا تُجزأ ، مجرد هرولتها لاستلام الجائزة ورفضها للهيمنة الامريكية هو تعارض في المباديء لا بد أن تراجع نفسها فيه هي وكل مؤيديها

  2. I believe she was used and violated by those who tell her what to say. Gemyhood says he wittnessed her writing the 9/11 tweet. So mostly it is her.
    I only blame her for lying and ignorant arrogance ,, she lost my respect on these
    but she is only a victim who became even more of a victim because of our inclination always to exaggerate and idolize ppl

    also what she said is not strange at all .. it is deeply rooted within the egyptian collective mind set ... I doubt she even thought that her tweets are bad or instigate hatred !

    1. also what she said is not strange at all .. it is deeply rooted within the egyptian collective mind set ... I doubt she even thought that her tweets are bad or instigate hatred !

      I've certainly seen a lot of similar comments from Egyptians on the blogs, facebook, and other social media. Including right here on this blog. And those comments were coming from the supposedly well-educated and enlightened Egyptian youth who backed the revolution. I don't know why the Obama Administration is working so hard at trying to find groups America can back in Egypt. There are none. Therefore, teh US should be backing nobody in Egypt. There's no rule that says Egypt has to be a US ally. There's only a treaty, and most Egyptians hate the treaty.

  3. You're right. She deserves praise for her brave stance, but it is a shame to subject her to the glare of the international spotlight. I hope someone will help and mentor her, so that she can learn from these experiences

  4. Thank you for this post, Zeinobia. I suppose someone will attack you but there's no pleasing everyone.

    For convenient reference, here's a link to the long, angry discussion about Samira that I kicked off with this comment.

    You make an important point when you say

    "He did not ask her why she would accept an award from the States when she feels happy about 9/11."

    Samira's defenders from the earlier thread should perhaps explain to us why, under the circumstances, (1) the United States should give her an award, and (2) why she should want to accept an award from a country she despises. She seems to be an attention whore with no principles.

    She's probably not even a virgin.

    Haha. That was in bad taste. Sorry.

    1. Jason, with a criminal sexual assault record you should know about virginity.

  5. Does Samira's views about Jews and Ameriva represents how an average Egyptian thinks?

    1. Not just an average, the overwhelming majority

    2. Well as Egyptian I can tell you that many Islamists share the same view of Samira not average Egyptian or the majority of Egyptians. It was surprising to see Samira repeating these views while she is not Islamist and actually is against them.

    3. It is sad enough that these views are also shared not just by el-ikhwan and el-salafiyeen but also by Muslim secularists as well as Copts in Egypt. I also discovered even Islam number one enemy Father Zakaria Botros is also an anti-Semite

      So it covers the whole Egyptian spectrum and it is the outcome of ignorance hate stupidity and the lack of critical education

      But what is the difference between Samira Ibarhim and Morsi when it comes to hate and stupidity? Now Morsi also called the Jews Khanzeer wa quruud and he also believes that the 9/11 atrocity was an inside job by the American government

  6. Samira is a liar and shame on the Obamas for awarding her likes a prize and yes her stance against the bizarre "virginity exams" was great but this does not mean that she is also not a product of the hate stupidity and ignorance that one sees today instigated and propagated by the nasty Shioukh the likes of Wagdi Ghoneim

  7. 2/10. At least give your calumny some logical framework. Why would having a criminal sexual assault record make someone an expert on virginity?

    1. @Jason,
      You were charged with sexual harassment of a co-worker and fired from tour job, remember?

    2. What a whimsical imputation. ;) Zeinobia, what's this person's IP address? You can email me if you don't want to put it inline.

  8. Zeinobia

    The more I read her tweets the more I realize that she is not just a liar but she is also full of hate and stupidity and here is her tweet about the poorly made anti-Islam video


    Samira Ibrahim
    المسئول عن فليم اهانة الرسول الغرب جميعا مش اقباط المهجر فقط لابد من فليم مضاد

    So she accusing ALL the west for a poorly made video when youtube has its share of anti-Islam videos and anti-sunni Islam videos made by shia where for example Omar Ibn al-Khatab is called a sodomite so would she also accuse all Shia of being responsible for these anti-sunni videos?

    But more damaging to her case is that she is accusing ALL the Copts living outside of Egypt for such video! How stupid can you get

    Oh I forgot that after she was exposed as a liar now she does not want to see the Copts leaving Egypt like the Jews did! What a hypocrite

    But the final comment that Muslims should produce a video that insult all prophets is not just childish and stupid but it really betrays her poor logic

  9. Today. Activist's anti-Semitic tweets cost her award from Michelle Obama, John Kerry. With video. "A big embarrassment for the State Department." Notes that her round-trip ticket was payed for by American taxpayers.

  10. What the ... , they acually sent her home because of her anti zionist views ??
    since when being anti zionist is illegal?
    I am an American and so proud of being anti anything to do with Israhell
    shame on Obama, shame on usa trying to change ppl's views for some shit award


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