Saturday, April 6, 2013

And Bassem Youssef says it loud : Bring it on

Tonight I will not be lying to say that millions waited anxiously for Bassem Youssef and his show to see what he was going to say and man he said loud and proud : Bring it on bitches.
In one of the best and explosive Youssef and his team opened fire on Morsi, the prosecutor general , the Muslim brotherhood and Qatar. Yes Qatar and it was like no other criticism ever made to the Small yet powerful and rich ambitious Gulf state. Let’s just say Qatar unfortunately tasted the Egyptian bitter criticism with my all respect to the Qatari people.
Here is the full episode. Unfortunately it is not translated.
Bassem Youssef’s The show “ep20”
I do not have to bet that not less hundred model citizen will report Bassem for insulting Qatar and its people tomorrow. I do not have to bet that all the Qatari media machine including Al Jazeera and its subsidies including Al Jazeera International.
Here is the song alone about Qatar. It is the special “The Show” cover of the 1960s Nasser’s Pan Arabism immortal anthem “My beloved Arab Homeland” by Mohamed Abdel Wahab and a group of icons in music during that time. “My beloved Qatar , whose money and investment getting bigger and bigger” the Show’s writers nailed it for real.
Watch after the break.
Bassem Youssef : My beloved Qatar
Now Bassem ended the episode mentioning all those detainees and those facing both military and civilian trials from activists and artists like Mohamed Sabry , April 6th Youth detainees, Karim Gamal and Ali Quandil. These guys need your support. Bassem contacted Mona Seif himself and requested the names of the detainees.
Trivial fact : Hamdeen Sabbhi attended the episode.


  1. Bassem is just as good as ever. It seems to me that el-ikhwan and Morsi and those despicable shiokh the likes of Abu Islam do not realize that if they behave like fools then they will be ridiculed and it would serve them right

    As for Qatar and i hate to say it but beggars cannot be choosers and I say to all Egyptians you can read this one any way you want

  2. Any Egyptian who finds this funny in the least needs a brain scan. Qatar is Egypts lifeline and Egyptian opposition are trying to cut that last hope not only of the Qatari government helping but individual Qatari business investors as the Egyptian businessmen flee to the Far East to invest because of constant protesting! I never thought I would ever say this but Omar Suleiman was right. Egyptians are not mature or nearly ready enough for democracy. It's sad but it's the truth because all the voices heard in the media are the stupid ignorant youth activists and not the ordinary Egyptian out working each day trying to save the economy. Yusuf needs to shut up now!! It's enough that he has insulted Pakistan without insulting the Qataris!!! damn this stupid fool of a man and his stupid followers! at the end of the day the poor are not laughing at Yusufs jokes. They are too hungry to laugh!

    1. The bottom line is, Morsi and his mafia ie (Ekhwan and Salafist) are afraid of the light. They need to shut-up everyone who exposes their ideology of (theft, killings, deception, lies, the lust of power and lust for money). They are a bunch of poisonous snakes who use religion for their own personal objectives.
      Bassem and others, who are freedom defenders, are opening the eyes of the simple people to the sad and bitter reality of Morsi and his mafia.
      Morsi and his mafia might be successful in killing or torturing or knocking down the freedom defenders in the name of religion. They will force people to be submissive to their tyranny . They will try to keep the simple people blind. But the Egyptians and the whole world already saw, understood and knew who is Morsi and his mafia and what they stand for.

  3. Egypt's Jon Stewart Is No Hero
    Posted: 04/03/2013

    excellent article that every Egyptian who can read should read

    Bassem Youssef, the famous host of an Egyptian satire news show, is being sued. Bassem is no hero of mine, and there are countless others who share my view. Facebook is riddled with pages and groups who declare their lack of affection for Bassem Youssef. The former heart surgeon has been gaining fans and building an audience throughout the Arab world with his jokes and zingers. At the get-go, I loved his jokes and delivery. I thought he was the missing breeze of comedy the Arab world has been missing.

    This all changed when his show turned political. I am tired of stories circulating around the Internet that conservative Muslims are the ones who want Bassem Youssef in jail. There is no doubt that a lot of conservative Muslims love to hate him. But if you think about it, if President Morsi had complete control over the legal system, why do the judges and officers keep challenging him on daily basis? There are those who hate his use of sexual innuendos on prime time. But I think it's safe to say, a lot of business people also want to see him in jail. His astounding success has invited envy from Egypt's cut-throat media industry. Just ask Hala Sarhan, an American-educated TV presenter who was sued in 2007 on charges similar to Youssef's. There are also personalities who cannot take a joke and feel offended by remarks made by Youssef.

    the rest here

    1. Very stupid article written by a Palestinian. Please read the comments on the website you sheep.

    2. Hazem, instead of just calling him stupid can you point out why? I agree with some of the points in this article

  4. I think what makes Bassem Yousef satiries so remarkable is the way he makes fun of politics (sometimes in a quite unappropriate way, but everyone can have an opinion on that), and in the same way takes a twist and turns the subject into something serious. For example the song about Qatar, actually it is not about Qatar, it is about Egypt, about us. He says it himself, it is the seller who has to reflect and define his situation. So it is entertainment but combined with a fine hint of self-criticism, and this is the point that always hurts the most. Because we are exposed.
    So my point is for all those who think Bassem Yousef or any entertainer are causing problems to Egypt. At the end he is a comedian, not more and not less. You can like him or not. You can watch him or turn off the tv, your choice. But it seems that he is doing something right, when so many people in the arab world and world wide are watching and discussing his show, when Morsi and his companions start to fear him.
    But where are all politicians with their politics? It is their job to solve the problems of the country. I wish that they would take the effort they put in detaining people to work harder and better for the country instead. I'm not saying to solve the problems of egypt, that obviously will take its time, but show the egyptians that your putting effort and are working on innovative ideas, so that the first steps are made to a better future inshallah. If your determination and your politics are strong, no comedian can cause you any trouble. So obviously the problem is the own weakness and not any kind of jokes.

  5. Younes Badrawi4/07/2013 12:07:00 AM

    When "powerful" Egypt was doing a lot worse than what Qatar is doing now: Cajoling, bullying, bribing or intimidating Arab countries and generally meddling in internal and international politics to your benefit, you called that noble pan-Arabism and still glorify it as not only something positive, but your natural prerogative. But when upstart Qatar does it, it suddenly becomes evil?
    Of all people in your media, I would have thought Bassem Youssef the one not to fall in this trap. Instead, he more or less absolves your people in charge, and vilifies Qatar for doing what any country is entitled to: looking for themselves, their people, and their interests.
    You can still believe your own pan-Arabist propaganda and think that somehow other countries have to defer to you and abide by your wishes and worse, that you have some sort of right to their money, natural resources, markets and assistance, the rest of us have moved on decades ago.

    1. If you had seen the end of the program, which apparently you did not, he said Egypt should depend on itself rather than taking handouts; Qatar has its interests but so should Egypt. So your whole diatribe has no basis in fact.

    2. Egypt should depend on itself- but can it right now? No. It has to take a loan. Is it better to take one from IMF or from a regional country on easier terms? What about the $2 billion aid the US uses to buy influence? That's apparently all good in Bassem's view, and doesn't merit any mention or criticism... He is too biased in his content and divisive.

  6. I think Bassem is brilliant. To pull this off at a relatively young age without any formal training in media apeaks of his passion for his work and love for Egypt.

    That being said, he has a heavy liberal bias and is being divisive. He has all the right to criticise al-ikhwan and the sheikhs who make a fool of themselves on TV, and his work is a form of accountability that ensures these people think before they say something. However, there is a lot of hyperbole in his criticism lately. Comparing ekhwan to Nazis (episode 21) was not only distastful and offensive but a load of crap. For all their ineptness ehwan are probably less prone to corruption, and Bassem would probably have been behind bars had he leveled similar criticism to Ahmed Shafiq if he were in power. Ekhwan have surprisingly turned out lacking in many areas of governence. But after decades of oppression it is to be expected that any current gov will be thin-skinned.

    Bassem could easily broaden his appeal if he tames his language, and gives credit where credit is due. Impossible to imagine that nothing good has been done by MB, and that the opposition and secular elites in media are blameless - but they are curiously unscathed in Bassem's show.

    Regarding loans and Qatar... I think Egypt is right to resist taking a loan from IMF unless it has too. This is what Mahatir did in Malaysia back in 1997-1998 and the economy turned around quicker than everyone else in southeast Asia. Pakistan is in deep trouble with all the loans it has taken, as interest rates are super-high and the loan comes with many strings attached. So I am all for taking loans locally -from within the region. Egypt needs to be independent - it should first free itself from America's $2 billion aid the US uses to buy influence on whoever governs Egypt. But of course Bassem cant talk about that - he is not objective


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