Friday, April 12, 2013

Ask on #Twitter and President #Morsi Will Answer !!

Last Wednesday Egyptian Presidency announced that Egyptians can send their questions on “Ask_president_Morsi” hashtag on twitter so President Morsi can answer those questions after an hour from launching the hashtag.
Of course most of the tweets came offensives and comic too. Still the presidency team was careful in what they chose from questions.  I will not comment , I will leave to you the comment on the president’s answers. "Thanks to Dr. Nermeen Bedair and Abdel Moneim Mahmoud that took screen capture for the tweets, Bedair took the first 5 while Mahmoud took a screen capture of the last one."
Exhibit "1"

 Exhibit "1"

@Cestlavie_egy : Why do not you Dr. Morsi announce a plan to restructure the MOI ? The MOI has got corrupted officials Mr. President and they make you fail everyday and defame your image in front of the people. 
@MuhammedMorsi : The MOI needs care but for itself but for Egypt , give it some confidence and everything will be fine God's will !

Exhibit "2"

 Exhibit "2" 

@MahmoudShawalY :Who is there an insistence to appoint MB members or MB supporters in the critical position of the station while this does not happen in most democratic states ? 
@MuhammadMorsi : If you have any proof on someone who is being favored and appointed , send it to me directly and I will investigate the case in order to correct it.

P.S : Al Nour Party presented to President Morsi on air a file with thousands of incidents where MB members were appointed in governmental oppositions across the country with no right what so ever.

Exhibit "3"
Exhibit "3"
@mhmonia : Mr. President why do not you solve the strikes of Ideal Standard factory , the labor closed the factory for 45 days and do not allow anyone to enter it.
@MuhammadMorsi : I know that many workers are suffering from injustices but let's end the strikes for the sake of Egypt and I will search the matter.
@MohabMagdy : Mr. President what are the time frame and the standards to measure the success or failure of the economic and political reforms in Egypt
@MuhammadMorsi : The announced plans and programs with success indicators and standards need the country to calm for sometime so we can be committed to apply these plans !!

Exhibit "5" 
@Hagar_ashraf : Why do not you speak with the people in more informal way !? To tell them about the corruption cases that you witnessed , give examples without names. 
@MuhammadMorsi : Everything is in its time , this is the time of work and uniting the children of Egypt without opening more wounds !!
Exhibit "6"
 Exhibit "6" 
@DRaboeiad : When are we going to see Egypt in the image you drew before becoming the president ?? 
@MuhammadMorsi : Your hand in mine to build the new Egypt , a better image than the one we dreamed of !! Are you ready !!!??


  1. Reminds me of Dalida's song....Parole, parole, parole!

  2. Zeinobia, could you please post the video/ article of Al nour doing this? Would be great for further reference.

  3. The ikhwanism file is one of the big lies of Egyptian media. It was announced in all medias (TV, Journals, ...) and all of the involved parties denied it!

    Ikhwan denied it, Alnour party denied it, presidency denied it, ...etc

    Alnour party said it gave the president a file with only 190 names..

  4. Do you Think that these accounts are real?


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