Friday, April 12, 2013

Honk if you hate the #MB !!

“Honk if you hate the MB” this was what written on a banner held by a high school student called Omar yesterday in one of the busiest streets in Nasr City yesterday and people did it in the traffic.

Here is a short video clip filmed by

Honk if you hate the MB

Omar is the one of the admins of a Facebook Page called “Your ID is Egyptian” and to be honest this generation gives me hope even with these simple protesting things.

I read that April 6 Youth Movement is going to adopt this and has already adopted today in the Friday protests which I no longer follow because they have become a daily routine losing its meaning.


  1. Replies
    1. are you stupid? He boy talked about the demands of the revolution not having been fulfilled.

    2. I actually genuinely feel a little bit sorry for Jason. I visit this blog every couple of weeks, have a quick run through because its a nice aggregation of things happening on the ground.

      Every blog post I open up, he's come in to make a comment that inevitably ends up with him insulting the blogger/ Egyptians. He must either make himself very angry every time he opens this up or he's on a massive wum.

      Either way, what a strange, and quite sad, way to spend your time.

    3. I like Egyptian Chronicles and have never insulted Zeinobia. I try to keep her honest when I see her making a mistake, as in the 2009 controversy. For that I deserve thanks and not censure. Some of her moronic commenters, though, richly deserve derision and scorn. The worst of them are not Egyptians, but neighbors of mine in Seattle.

  2. We're not Egyptians, but we lived in Egypt a few years back and it breaks our heart to sea what this beautiful country has become. We hope to see Egypt out of this misery ad up on its feet again.

    Lovely blog, persevere.

  3. I'M not paying attention? darling, I really don't think you watched the video. And if this is your idea of constructive criticism, please, I beg of you, go back to school. Also, tell me where you went to school so I never send my kids there.


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