Saturday, April 13, 2013

The tale of two trials : #Mubarak and #Hassan_Mostafa

Today we had two trials in the morning both are significant and both will make you think a lot of how things developed in Egypt in those two years.
Today was the start of Mubarak’s retrial. Yes after so many months we see Mubarak , the ousted ex-president who was sentenced 25 years life in jail for failing to protect the protesters last Summer. His appeal was accepted and today was his retrial. Surprisingly he looks amazing and healthy , even more cheerful for a person who was transferred from Tora prison to Maadi military hospital clinically dead !!

Leaving Maadi military hospital today to the court
 It seems that he is being taken care off in Maadi military hospital after all . His spirit was extremely high to the level of smiling and waving to the camera.
Waving to the camera with all confidence "ONTV"
His sons Gamal and Alaa were there sans Holy Quran unlike previous trial, already I do not know why there were there. It was not their case according to my knowledge. They are not involved in the killing of protesters. I think this is the first time a defendant is allowed to bring companions with him !!
 Habib El Adly was there with all confidence saluted by some beard man as usual whom the MOI said to be Mohamed Ismail El Shaer , the son of the infamous Ismael El Shaer the head of Cairo directorate. The MOI is claiming that Mohamed El Shaer resigned from his work in the state security. Ok if Mr. Mohamed El Shaer is no longer an officer , what did he do in the trial today !?? 
Now it was really short session because the judge and the judges’ panel have stepped down from the case. Thus the case will be back to the appeal court till we got a new panel.
The judge who stepped down is actually the one who acquitted all defendants in the battle of the camel. This is why many revolutionaries welcome the decision. Farid El Dib is claiming that the judge is sick and that’s why he stepped down.
Thus the trial is adjourned to the summer.
Of course there were scuffles outside the court as usual in New Cairo between Mubarak’s supporters aka Mubarak’s children and the families of the martyrs.
A supporter holding the photo of Mubarak by Bel Trew
Mubarak's supporters kissing his freaky doll !!
 No activists have been there because they are in Alexandria attending another trial.
The other trial is the trial of the famous Alexandrian activist Hassan Mostafa. That activist is from the reasons why we know the case of Khaled Said from two years old. He was the one who exposed how state security officers  were burning documents in their SS headquarter. Last 25 January 2013 there were clashes at the court in Alex between the families of the martyrs in Alex and the security officers in the killing of the protesters trial there. Hassan Mostafa was arrested during the clashes and was accused of assaulting a prosecutor. According to the official papers of his case his so-called assault on the prosecutor turned his cheeks in to red !! Yes this is what officially documented in the case !! I would assume that Mostafa is accused slapped the prosecutor from that description !!
Mostafa was sentenced two years in jail for this charge.
Mostafa’s lawyer demanded the case to be adjourned despite he proved that one of the witnesses that testified against Hassan was lying. He claimed that the person who assaulted the prosecutor had long hair where as Mostafa is bald !!
Many activists from Cairo and Alexandria protested in solidarity of Hassan Mostafa today during the trial and after it was over they headed in a rally to his house.
The rally in Alexandria "Salma Said"
The trial of Mostafa is adjourned to the 4th of May 2013.
According to those who met with Hassan , he was smiling.
On the same day we have  two different trials for two different contradicting characters in two cities. I do not know to say if you see these trials and think carefully about what is taking place in Egypt, you will find them a reflection. After two years of ousting Mubarak , his regime does not suffer or even end while the ones who are paying the price are the activists who refused his dictatorship and the MB dictatorship.
By the way controversial prosecutor general Talaat Abdullah has order the Maadi hospital to send a report regarding Mubarak’s health condition in order to return him back to Tora prison.
The fantastic Doaa Adel drew this cartoon about Mubarak's trial today
 The natural evolution of the century's trial :
1- Right After the revolution
2- During the transitional period
3- Under the MB rule

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