Monday, April 15, 2013

Mubarak’s trial : You know this was going to happen so why a sad face !?

So the criminal court in New Cairo ordered the release of Mubarak in the Killing of the protesters but he will remain in prison pending investigation in other corruption cases. It was expected and purely procedural and got nothing to do with the evidence.
Judge Ahmed Atia Abu Shosha from the real reformist judges in Egypt explained the court ruling :

Releasing Mubarak has nothing to do with how strong or weak the evidence is , the issue is completely procedural. The maximum limit for temporarily detention is two years and thus according to the law he had to be released.
An info : Mubarak is still facing charges of killing the protesters , these charges’ penalties reach to execution. Releasing him will not affect other cases. The idea is about representing evidences to prove these accusations.
Judge Abu Shosha predicted this already last week so I do not know why people are overacting.
Of course many indications and leaks say that he will be acquitted because there is no real evidence incriminating him for real as all these months his people were doing a great job especially in time of SCAF.
Mubarak has not been acquitted yet. He is still waiting for the new judges panel in the killing of the protesters case. He is also facing other cases as you know.

 We know this is the price we will be paying for not having a revolutionary court.It is a curse and a bless as the same time. The Mubarak supporters are flying over the moon gloating and living their dream that Mubarak is coming back along with his regime. Some pro-Revolutionaries in social media are feeling sad and despair actually as if the revolution is defeated !!
Anyhow the MB and its members are turning the whole in their advantage as usual claiming that the Mubarak’s judiciary system is responsible and that it must be purged !! It is interesting when you relate this to the Controversial statements of former MB guide Mahdy Akef in Kuwaiti newspaper Al Jarida from couple of weeks ago. The outspoken MB leading figure claimed that not less than 3000 judge will be forced to retirement.
The MB is trying to push a new Judiciary authority law where the age of retirement will be lowered.
Already the MB Pro-Pages began to call the people to protest against the judiciary next April 26,2013.
It is not about the judge in the case of Mubarak. In fact the judge did what he should have done. He did it according to the book. If there is a problem in Mubarak and his cronies’ cases , it will be in the prosecutor general office. Morsi and the MB claimed the new prosecutor general who was appointed illegally will announce more cases and more incriminating evidence against Mubarak regime and yet since last November 2012 we have seen nothing except promises. The one thing for sure is that the prosecutor general appointed by Morsi is active against journalists, TV hosts and protesters more than Mubarak and his cronies.


  1. I really don't know why people are all upset over mubarak. He's just a sad old man who is going to spend the rest of his life in courts until he dies a sad lonely death which few will care about. Because while he might be better than morsi, its payment for the crimes he did commit.

  2. Mubarak is in jail only to please the ignorant masses.

  3. i talked about this trial in my blog but in arabic language

  4. Mobarak was a criminal and he will get away with it and this is indeed what justice or lack of it is all about in Egypt

    Morsi? He has no clue and he is embarrassment to all the people of Egypt that got rid of Mobarak only to get this loser Morsi


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