Tuesday, April 16, 2013

#Hala’ib Triangle Again and Again

We want to know what Mohamed Morsi promised the Sudanese officials regarding Hala’ib triangle during his visit to Khartoum because what we hear from the Sudanese officials needs a stand. Yes the issue is back again resurfacing after the Presidential Statement about Hala’ib triangle and the army hints here and there that it will not allow a single inch of our territories to be taken away from Egypt. The presidency claimed that Morsi did not speak about the disputed triangle at all during his talks with the Sudanese counterparts.

The last leak was the most powerful one from them all , from the meeting between Morsi and SCAF members above them El Sissi from couple of days ago.

People are alarmed in Egypt after the statements of Sudanese minister of environment on Monday in Alexandria.  Sudanese minister of environment Hussein Abdel Kader told Egyptian reporters while attending some conference in Alexandria that Hala’ib triangle is Egyptian Sudanese common land “which is true” and that there should be projects in the triangle under Sudanese administration. “He repeated this as you can see in the video below”

Minister of environment in Sudan : Hala’ib and Shalateen are Egyptian Sudanese territories

MENA , the official news agency on the same day published that the minister hopes the return of of Hala’ib and Shalateen to Sudan ‘He did not say so in the video’.

The thing is that people are now digging the MB archives and knowing how the MB as a group does not recognize borders especially between Islamic countries with Islamist rulers from their own point view like Sudan , people are worried.

Mahdy Akef speaks about Hala’ib

Here is an old video for former MB guide Mahdy Akef saying that it does not matter whether Hala’ib under Egyptian rule or Sudanese rule as we are all Muslims. Well the man did not lie and this is how the MB members think.

What I fear of that this issue with current Anti-MB sentiment feelings in public can create anti-Sudanese sentiments just like the there are these anti-Gazan sentiments . Many Egyptians now believe that Hamas is going to invade Sinai and at the same time is helping Mohamed Morsi by creating chaos in Egypt.

Of course Hamas leaders deny any involvement in Egypt or that they want Sinai but Sudanese officials do not deny that they want Hala’ib triangle.

Now the poor rich triangle needs a post , yes I want to go there but unfortunately not now. But my friends have gone and I think I will ask them if I am able to use the material they got from photos.


  1. Zeinobia: The word is transliterated as el-halayib and it is part of Egypt period

    And why would Morsi want to have anything to do with a war criminal and genocidal maniac the likes of el-Bashir?

    1. Morsi and the MB do not care if El Bashir is a war criminal and genocidal manic at all. Do not forget he is so-called Islamist. Yesterday the MB held its international meeting in Khartoum

  2. and again ... As usual, egypt is playing the fake game and utilizing every media as max. As possible, but be aware, we, sudanese people will never leave any square merer to Egypt or any other Cpuntry .. We willl go to international court and stop this egyptian usual "Fahllawa" in everthing, and fight when needed

  3. By the way... Look at these faces, are they Egyptian ?? I would like to read your answer !!!!





    Don't like to see Sudanese there ? that's their villages and their live, a very simple fact >> those are Sudanese and they never being Egyptian !!!!

  4. You will never reply to my comments ....


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