Wednesday, April 17, 2013

And I knew that was going to happen !! The Battle between #MB and Judiciary is on Folks

The Muslim brotherhood has become more than predictable , seriously speaking they have become like a cult film’s plot which you can know its end so easily. I told you that the Muslim brotherhood will use the Mubarak’s release order in order to push for their own agenda against Judiciary. It started with few Pro-MB pages and now they declared officially : They will go to the square to purge the bad judiciary !!
The Muslim brotherhood announced on its official page that it was going to protest next Friday “April 19,2013” for the following demands :
  1. To demand the Shura council to issue the judicial authority law that allegedly achieve judicial independence.
  2. To purge all the state’s institutions from corruption
  3. To demand the trial of all those responsible for the murder of the revolutionaries as well to put the former regime members responsible for spoiling the political life in Egypt on trial.
  4. To work on restore Egypt’s stolen money abroad.
The MB will protest at the prosecutor general office which is at the Supreme court. This means that the MB members will be mobilized.
The proposed the judicial authority law will force 3500 judges in to retirement because it lowers the retirement age to 60 years old.Amazingly as I hinted in the previous post which I added it link above the former MB guide Mahdi Akef said to Kuwaiti newspaper from two weeks ago that nearly 3000 judges will be forced in retirement soon.
Interestingly on April 6 ,2013 the MB issued a statement claiming what Akef said was media fabrication “the interview was recorded” that the MB was not drafting a law that will force thousands of judges in to retirement. The statement claimed that that bad rumor was spread by Mubarak’s regime to turn judiciary against the brotherhood !! I can not believe the amount of lies.
It is as if the Muslim brotherhood is reviving Nasser’s worst legacy ever. It is like their own their judges massacre. To read more about the judges massacre of 1968, you can go back to the Egyptian Chronicles’ archives as well the Judges Club’s entry in Wikipedia. Ironically the judges Nasser dismissed in 1968 were over 200 judges and they were reinstated again where as the MB will see the law to force over 3000 judges in to retirement.  Ironically my source in the 2006 post was judge Ahmed Mekki who wrote its history in Al Masry Al Youm and now after 6 years Minister of Justice Ahmed Mekki will oversee the new massacre. Alas for real !!
The Muslim brotherhood does not really want to purge the judiciary from corruption but rather make it another arm from its arms.
By the way today hours before that statement would be announced officially , I found the members of the MB on twitter announcing that next Friday they are going to protest in Egypt’s squares to purge the judiciary. The leading figures in MB and Freedom and Justice started working on making their members support the upcoming battle.
Here is Hassan Ibrahim , the secretary general of Freedom and Justice Party saying on his FB page that one of the reasons why 25 January revolution took place was to stop the control of the executive power over other powers and that people after the revolution will not accept any power or authority to force its power against its popular will. He added that The people are the sources of all powers and authorities.
A screen capture for Hassan Ibrahim's status
Populism always sells. 
Scary enough , the agent of chaos and the omen of death before any protest MB youth leading figure Ahmed El Mogheer “they deny that he is one of them” told Al Watan that they “MB” will purge the judiciary and the media peacefully but they will have martyrs !!
El Mogheer : Some of us will die as martyrs
Watch this guy people , whenever he opens his mouth people do die and get killed.
Now here is what will happen in the Weekend. The MB will protest on Friday. On Saturday either the Shura council will approve the law or Morsi will issue some badass decisions. BY the way the elected President will have his fire live interview next Saturday night …on none other than Qatari Al Jazeera TV channel.


  1. Since the revolution began the judges have been ruining everything with people like Tahani al Gabali and al Zend. This is supposed to be a revolution. It's not about being nice. Corrupt people should go to jail. Those 3000 judges are from the worst of Egypt because they are Mubarak regime holdovers. You are against this because you hate Morsi. I think this is a good move that will allow Morsi to finally work and help the economy.

  2. About time. Surely you can't argue that the corrupt judiciary needs to be purged! In reality I doubt a 'purge' will happen and in fact a slow evolution is probably better as Egypt is a divided society. What really irks me is the opportuniism of the so called leftist 'revolutionaries'. They hate the brotherhood so much they would prefer to keep a corrupt judiciary rather than work with an elected government.

  3. Shura council can't accept the not-yet-proposed law! It should be proposed (alwasat party will propose one next week), discussed in shura council, discussed with high judges council, ...

    If the want to pass this law, it takes more than 2 months if it was super-fast.

  4. "The Muslim brotherhood does not really want to purge the judiciary from corruption but rather make it another arm from its arms."

    lol yu mek me laff


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