Thursday, April 18, 2013

Carmen Weinstein's Funeral : A Dying Community remembered

Right now the Jewish community in Egypt is holding the funeral of Carmen Weinstein , the late head of the community. The funeral and memorial service are held in an annex of Cairo's Sha'a Hashamayim Synagogue aka Adly Synagogue.
There is a huge surprising media presence as well security presence where those invited to the funeral have to show their IDs. I am surprised to see such media presence as I knew from a friend who is attending the funeral it was private event.
Anyhow the security presence can be explained by the fact that there are VIPs including the Israeli ambassador attending the funeral. The Israeli ambassador already returned to Cairo yesterday after nearly month working in Israel.
Now Rawah Badrawi is attending the funeral and is sharing with us what is happening , I storify her tweets.
Late today I will speak about Magda Haron the new head of the Jewish community.
@9:51 PM
Magda Shehata Haron is the new head of the Jewish community. She was elected from two days ago. Now Magda Haron is very interesting person because she is the daughter of late Shehata Haron.
Magda Haron "Youm7"
Late Shehata Haron was famous Anti-Zionist Leftist lawyer whose positions against Zionism was well known everybody.
Magda Haron is married to Italian Catholic doctor where as her sister Nadia is married a Muslim. Today Magda told the people in the funeral that the Egyptian Jewish heritage is for the Egyptians and they "The Jews of Egypt" are handing this to us in order to remember that once Jews lived here.
It is sad thing.
I wish to see Mrs. Haron more in the media as well other Egyptian Jews even if they are tens.


  1. May his memory be for a blessing.

  2. May brave Carmen Weinstein rest in peace and may Magda Haron have the best of luck in her new office. I salute to these brave Egyptians who, despite difficult circumstances, try to preserve their communitys heritage. It is so sad to see these brave people doing their best in the full knowledge that with them their religious community in Egypt will probably end. What kind of a feeling must that be? To be the last?

    I really hope the government sent some high official to the funeral today.

  3. Thanks to you Zeinobia for this post and storifying Rawha Badrawi's tweets.Excellent.

  4. I say... wasnt there a rather large domo in Egypt today? Wasn't it protesting the remenants of the old regime who still dominate the judiciary, security forces, media?

    Perhaps I was wrong or perhaps this does not constitute news simply because it represents a majority public will. What do the masses know anyway!?

  5. any thanks to Zeinobia, Somebody needs to point out to these people how much projecting they are doing, that is really talking bout themselves rather than the rest of the seriously-disabled unwell population. Zeinobia is right to suggest that each case needs to be assessed individually, because MOST of those kids will never have an inheritance so what the funk are they gonna live on? Uk Funeral Directors


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