Friday, April 19, 2013

GIS in Campus , yes it is official after the revolution

Strange thing that this new has passed away in silence since last January 2013.

In last January 2013 I found this strange news “Ain Shams University uses the intelligence to face the spread of arms inside campus”. According to what was said then the General intelligence in Egypt “GIS” would supply Ain Shams University “ASU” with metal detector gates and to secure the university’s entrances and exists. The deal will include training the security of university to fight thuggery.
Of course in the January news the ASU officials told the newspaper that they would study the offer of the GIS to see if its prices are reasonable or not.

Al Watan Newspaper during then had published more interesting details regarding the GIS deal : LE 6 million for installing 8 metal detector gates, 67 surveillance cameras and training to the University Campus. The ASU administration said that it will pay LE 3 million only. 

On last April 4,2013 the ASU Students union wrote on its official FB page that the ASU administration signed a 6 months contract with the intelligence in last February 2013 for LE 4.4 million. The students union welcomed this because they had enough from thugs attacks and assaults actually. The problem is that this is not how it should be solved or is going to be solved.

Of course I have never heard in my life that an intelligence apparatus was hired by a university to protect it from local thugs !!!!!!!!!!!!! This is just wrong on too many levels and I do not know from where I shall start !!

What I know and I understand , the GIS’ role is protect the Egyptian national security especially from outside dangers from spies to terrorists as well to secure Egypt’s strategic not to protect University campuses. University Campuses’ security is the duty of the University’s security and local police. In fact this is the duty of the ministry of interior. The ministry of interior is the one that should supply the university with metal detectors gates and train the security personnel and so on.

The Egyptian intelligence is not a commercial security company last time I check and I believe those men who founded in 1950s did not want it to be like that.

I remembered this news now because because the study has been suspended indefinitely due to the lack of security !!

Ain Shams University is from the most active university in Egypt when it comes to political activism since 1970s. Its students played a vital role in the last two years of the revolution and it has got its own share of martyrs above Dr. Amr Abdel Hady who was killed in the Clashes of Cabinet HQ last December 2011.

The recent attacks in the ASU Campus are more than interesting because when I searched for its origin , I found out that the attacks are led ASU Law school graduate turned in to thug 32 years old Gharib Mahmoud who was being used by State security and University administration during the Mubarak days. Already I am amazed why Mahmoud was not stopped and arrested by police if he is the reason in what is happening in ASU. 

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