Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our Ambassador in D.C : #Morsi is The President of all Egyptians

Our ambassador in the US Mohamed Tawfik spoke today in an event in Boston about Egypt, Morsi, Bassem Youssef, Muslim brotherhood , revolution and economy. The event was organized by World Boston.

Dear Nasser Wedday attended that meeting and shared with us on twitter what our ambassador said. I complied Wedday’s tweets in a storify post which you can read after the break.

By the way dear Nasser Wedday is nominated in the BOBs 2013’s best Arabic Tweeps and he deserves your support

Back to our ambassador , well you must know something the ambassador of Egypt in the United States used to be one of the most important players in Egyptian diplomacy before the revolution. Of course now things are different because the MB got their envoys and ambassadors to the State. Already I do believe that there are MB officials coming and going to D.C without the knowledge of Tawfik.


  1. It's this sort of propaganda that makes Egyptian Authority alienated to the Western World.

    Don't they realise the world we live in? The world no longer needs confirmation, it has live events rolling as they follow Social Media and Mobile Events.

    That's just us, the commons with our ADSL links and modems, can you imagine the wealth of intelligence the Western world is gathering? The true and ugly pictures of backward mentality and superstitious cultural that is now ruling the land?

    That's right, keep denying it, everything is running according to plan. Couldn't get better as a matter of fact.

    The only house you're destroying is your own.

  2. Zeinobia: is this guy for real? 40-50% of Egyptians live on $2/day and he tells us all is well! he is either clueless or is he a liar like all members of el-ikhwan?

    Democracy is about telling the truth even if painful because this is how Egypt can go forward

    As for his tweets: you know the old saying: Talk is cheap


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