Friday, April 5, 2013

#Save_Serabit : Save the only temple in #South_Sinai

This is extremely important. El Badil Newspaper made an extremely important and sad video report about the terrible status of Serabit El Khadim ancient Egyptian temple, the only surviving ancient Egyptian temple in Sinai.

The disaster of Serabit El Kadim

Monica Hanna and Alfred Raouf as well the locals in the area speak about happened to that important temple.

Thanks for corruption and wrong restoration works the temple is in extremely bad shape in way that threatens its existence after all those years. I do not know if it is deliberate action or not but from Strategic point of view this is extremely important temple in this particular relation.

From economic point of view this temple used to be a source of income for many of the locals working in tourism and waiting for tourists to visit it.

By the way thanks to Monica and the noise we made online ,the authorities began to move to do something regarding Dahshur yet in a very slow reaction that is not enough by all measures. 

I really want to thank Monica because without her we would not know what is happening to our heritage for real. At least we are speaking and making noise to the whole world.


  1. This is a good report thank you. It represent the type of challenges that all Egyptians should work to overcome.
    To facilitate any solution, the area should be provided with infrastructure and energy. The location looks appropriate for a solar power station. This power can serve pumping station or even limited water declination effort. Reliable resources will support local population and long term restoration effort.

  2. I would say to the people of Egypt if this temple was in let us say Europe or America it would have been a different story

    It is too bad that Egyptians do not know very much about their own history (and more scary is what one hears from the salafists that they want to destroy the glorious monuments of Egypt) and I must add that it was a great surprise to me when I visited the Temple of Ramses the third that the site became an Egyptian/Coptic village for about 1400 years and the site was abandoned in the civil war (which also not many Egyptians know about it) between an Omayyad Amir and the Abbasids in 785CE but the site revealed so much literary material and non Egyptian historians were able to reconstruct at least the last 200 years of this site. Oh the city's name? It is called Jeme

    How many Egyptians know that? I suspect none!


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