Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Witch hunt against Media continues in #Egypt

It is getting sadder and more dangerous for media and freedom of expression in Egypt and here is wrap up for what happened against journalists and TV hosts :
  • Bassem Youssef is facing more complaints !! Yes new complaints !! The new complaints include : Insulting the public prosecution in his twitter account and insulting Pakistan !! Yes Pakistan and it has to do with he had done last Monday.
  • ONTV channel Albert Shafik , TV host Gaber Al Karmoty and journalist Shaimaa Abu El Kheir are referred to the State security prosecution for threatening national security and spreading  false news by Prosecutor General Talaat Abdullah. Shaimaa Abu El Kheir is the Middle East and North Africa consultant of Committee to Protect Journalists. She attended the investigation with Bassem on Sunday.
Abu El Kheir spoke on Al Karmoty’s daily show “Manchette” about what happened on the same day and it turned out that she said that “Lawyers for Egypt” group has no right to sue or report Bassem.
That thing made the group mad enough to report her !! Here is the video after the break, please watch it and tell me how Gaber and Shaimaa threatened our national security  !!

Now I am quite amazed at the speed those three were reported to prosecutor general and how prosecutor general believed that they should be refereed to the state security prosecution.
From her side Shaimaa will comply with the decision of Egypt’s journalists syndicate and will boycott the current prosecutor general.She will not go to the state security prosecution accordingly

  • Last thing CBC channel got a warning from “GAFI” to watch out for Bassem says in his show from insults against public figures, religious icons , profanity and sexual innuendos otherwise GAFI will provoke the channel license. According to the warning GAFI got several complaints...bla bla bla. The warning is dangerous because it is based upon the shameful Anas El Faky so-called Media ethics codes that can close any private TV channel. The New regime is using the old regime's weapons !!
Another great day for freedom of expression indeed !!


  1. When rulers attack comedians it's a sign of panic and weakness.
    This government is the same shit Egypt had on a different day acting under the cover of religion.

  2. This only shows that the MB's Morsi regime is shaking and panicking!They have no imagination that it will backfire and blow in their faces!Again it's only a matter of "when" and not "if"...

    1. how so?
      it was a Nasserite lawyer that brought the charges?

    2. "it was a Nasserite lawyer that brought the charges"
      and you believed him? BTW Wagdy Ghoneim also claimed that he used to worship Nasser before he started worshiping the devil.

  3. The Egyptian Privately-owned Media is not a paragon or flag-bearer of freedom of expression. They are backed by some seriously anti-democratic powers like UAE, Israel and USA. They are owned by Mubarak-era tycoons and oligarchs.

  4. America is now actively interfering in Egypt's internal affairs and sovereignty by supporting these so-called media personaloties against the Law. Now it is a matter of our National pride because we know Bassem Youssef and his ilk are being egged on by America.

    1. correct and Egyptians need to wake up and be aware of what is happening behind the scenes

  5. Zeinobia, tell us what's going on at Al-Azhar University. Apparently hundreds of students got food poisoning and the University president got fired.

  6. Zenobia why did you not add my comment from last week when I too said the hat was insulting to Pakistan graduates? This is the first time I noticed you did not post a comment from me. Are you going to censor opposition on your blog?

    1. Dear anonymous , I can not find your comment , I even searched for it in the spam comments. I do not censor comments and I think you can think this


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