Wednesday, April 3, 2013

And Bassem Youssef and Co. Saga Continues

Ok first stand up comedian Ali Quandil  went today to the prosecutor general to be questioned about his appearance in Bassem Youssef’s show and he he allegedly insulted Islam in that appearance.
First Ali made this statement on video regarding this accusation which he completely denies.
Quandil speaks about the decision of the prosecutor general to question him
Ali was criticizing how some Sheikhs act.
During the questioning the prosecutor asked Ali Quandil to prove that he is an artist !! Also after the prosecutor watched Quandil’s segment in Youssef’s show he asked Quandil what he thought about it !!
Quandil told him that the first ten minutes were boring but the rest was great. The standup comedian was released on bail. He paid LE 5000. By the way Quandil was injured during both the battle of the camel and the clashes of Mohamed Mahmoud in 2011.
Second Ayman Mohi El Din, the correspondent of NBC interviewed one of the lawyers suing Bassem Youssef and what he found about that man was interesting. You can find his tweets after the break.

Third the war of the words between the US embassy , Egyptian presidency and Ikhwan web continued. Ikhwan web kept tweeting about how freedom of expression is fought in the United stating examples of TV host fired because of Palestine in CNN or how Al Jazeera’s Sami El Hajj was detained in Guantanamo bay for 6 years.
Then the US embassy in Cairo account suspended its activity shortly but returned back online without the tweet about Bassem Youssef. Foreign policy’s The Cable says that US Ambassador Ann Patterson was behind the decision without returning back to the State department. This move is creating controversy because some believe that the US embassy should not have tweeted about Bassem Youssef while others believe that it was coward to delete the tweet.
Now Fox News entered the war of the words and it is getting hot. Rick Sanchez is attacking the Muslim brotherhood , the US embassy in Cairo and Morsi.
Of course Sanchez is getting not so nice replies from the brothers in the States. It is so fun actually. Ultra rights in the two countries are fighting each other because of liberals in both countries !!
The Bassem Youssef’s affair is getting bigger and bigger to the level I believe sooner there will be a book about and about what is happening international between US administration and Morsi administration in the background because of it !!

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  1. Morsi is trying to silence his critics and this is indeed what fascism is all about. The real question is who is next and even those that support him should realize when Bassem is gone those that support this fascist regime will be next

    And one more point here if the Copts are leaving and even heading to unlikely destinations like Russia those that support Morsi are not immune and should start looking for safe havens too


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