Friday, April 26, 2013

#UNICEF 's Numbers : Unemployment in #Egypt

I love the infographic prepared by UNICEF in Egypt and published in its official FB page in both Arabic and English. They are simple and with accurate numbers from the UNICEF. I wish that the Egyptian government would learn from these infographics. Now today the page published a very interesting info-graph about unemployment in Egypt.I thought of sharing it with you.
 I will not comment , I will leave you with the infographic with all the detail. Click on it to zoom in . 
Unemployment in Egypt 


  1. All hail the glorious january revolution... you idiots ruined Egypt for good.... it will never recover once the economy collapses in a few months. Egypt is like a cow that has had its throat cut and is now bleeding and kicking out its last breath as its soul disappears

    1. As if there were no unemployment problem before the revolution !!

  2. Poor economic decisions, corruption and mismanagement over the past 60 years has led to the loss of a generation of bright young men and women.....and the same shit goes on and on.

  3. again we should check the numbers on how it was calculated , do they mean registered business or unregistered , did they count on the national id or the usual economic/ statistical approach , which industries are falling which are thriving . in short a bigger info graph is needed

  4. Unemployment wise Egypt is in a far better situation than European Portugal-Spain-Greece to name a few!

  5. Egypt has 12.5% unemployment according to UNICEF

    Spain is over double that.

    USA is 8%

    why the panic?


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