Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Israeli Police Attack on Egyptian Orthodox Priest Caught on Tape

Maariv has published a video clip showing the assault of the Israeli police in Jerusalem against Bishop Anthansius of the Egyptian Orthodox Church in Ramallah last week. It is just disgusting

In an interview to the Israeli newspaper , the 84 years old Bishop said that he was treated like a dog. Of course this attack was not against the Egyptians last week in the Holy city by Israeli Police. Egyptian diplomats were attacked as well.
Of course Egypt demanded an official apology and it got one from Israel for both the Bishop and the diplomats.
Despite all these attacks and despite the action taking place in Holy Aqsa Mosque from radical Zionists' attack , Egypt seemed so tamed compared to the fact that we are being ruled by an administration whose members were more vocal against Israel and Zionism for the past 80 years. I am not speaking about crazy actions but Jordan and its king who is more friendly to Israel than our rulers altogether had better action last week when it comes to Al Aqsa.


  1. A policeman hits a Coptic priest in a church in Cairo - nothing happens
    A policeman hits a coptic priest in a church in Jerusalem.... the Israeki ambassador apologizes.
    Food for thought?

  2. Firstly I don't recall a coptic preist being assulted in Cairo. Secondly israel is illegally occupying jerusalem

    1. Considering the degree and the severity of the persecution Egyptian Muslims including the government of Egypt inflict upon Egyptian copts, it seems absurd for Egyptian Muslims to be complaining about Israelis treat an Egyptian copt. Israelis treat Arab Christians better than Egyptian Muslims do. Period. Full stop.

      Secondly israel is illegally occupying jerusalem

      Even if that was true, and it's not, what does it have to do with Egyptians? You want to fight somebody else's battles then get your ass to Syria.

  3. First try to writec "Israeli" in the right way, because Israelis are trash of other cultures, they don't know how to write....and they will soon enjoy a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig surprise....sent by ???? I hope the Israeli occupation will enjoy it :)

    1. I'm sure Egyptian Copts appreciate you threatening Israel on their behalf, Black Knight. I bet they're really happy you dish out the religious bigotry in their name, too. That will really help them deal with the rampant persecution they face in Egypt a lot...

  4. I saw where the priest got headlocked and wrestled to the ground, but I didn't see anyone hit him. It's hard to tell whether something outrageous occurred. Being an old man doesn't give you the right to resist lawful instructions, and when you do, cops generally use force. I'm not saying that's what happened, it's just not clear from the video.

  5. Despicable that a bunch of young men (the police officers) attack an 84 year old man (the Coptic priest) and I do not care what the reason is

    So if you see it this way then you got the point and what this attack was all about

  6. I didn't see anyone attacked in the video. Restrained, but for whatever reasons I do not understand what provocation. Sarcasm follows: Maybe he pulled a knife to peel an orange.

  7. I'm ashamed to call these people fellow human beings. Animals attack each other in such ways! 84 years old, not retaliating, disgusting behaviour. What a disgrace this is to treat your fellow man, a man of God, in such a way. This sectarian violence is what is setting back the Middle East. They all speak of revolutions but it will never happen with such mentalities.

  8. He's lucky he didn't try that shit in Turkey, Yido. He'd have been stabbed to death by a misguided youth while the crowd cheered.


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