Monday, May 27, 2013

Save our heritage , Save our history for God sake "Updated With Photos and Info"

Yesterday we were shocked to find out through the Facebook as usual that a historical gate in Islamic old Cairo was demolished. Yes it was demolished or to be accurate was bulldozed by some contractor !!!!!!
The photos are horrible.
Before the gate looked like that by Amina Abdel Bar

After the bulldozer attack :(( 
The gate of Bab Al Wazir was the among the remaining gates of old Cairo. Here is another page about the Gates of Old Cairo in Tour Egypt.
I want to cry and scream.
More photos and information about the building that turned to be a building and not a gate.The photos are from Reuters' Aswat Masrya by Ahmed Hamed
 Now it turned out that the building is not from the historical gates of Cairo. That building was built in early 19th century for the Sheikh of Al Azhar then Sheikh Abdel Rahman Kara'a. It turned out that despite it has a very distinguished style and despite it is located in a historical area , it was not registered as historical building. The reason is not clear why it was not registered as historical building.  

Now it turned out that the granddaughter of Sheikh Abdel Rahman Kara'a who owns the building decided to demolish it in order to build a modern ugly building of 3 floors. Of course it is her right legally but where the state was from that building and where the urban coordination sector in the ministry of culture from preserving the old Islamic style in that historical quarter in Egypt.


  1. Oh no! I can understand your pain. What a beautiful historic gate it was. You have my sympathy, Zeinobia.


  2. Truly saddening. What you need is justice, perpetrators must be tried. I mean that it's not enough to seek support from antiquities ministry etc. but instead from police and judiciary.

  3. what is the name of this gate i would like to search to know if it is recorded as a "Historically registered" or not.
    Thank you

  4. Traurig... Was sind das für Menschen. Warum sind sie nicht stolz auf das ALTE ÄGYPTEN ??? Das ist nicht zu verstehen.

    Wir mögen auch das ALTE ÄGYPTEN sehr.

  5. Egyptians will be the death of Egypt. Sha3b maystahelsh kol el 5eir da......


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