Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Can We Start Speaking about Sexism in our Advertising Please ?

Yesterday millions of Egyptians saw this ad on the first page of Ahram Newspaper ,the most spread ,semi-official and state-owned newspaper to find this ad.
"Like any other ad , we brought this beautiful girl to tell you that maintenance service is working" Siltal refrigerators 

I do not know what to say !! This is Al Ahram Newspaper and this is Front Page and yet nobody paid attention to the sexist message of the ad. 
I know that this is the tip of the ice berg when it comes to advertising and sexism in Egypt , in fact in the world but it is just disgusting and sick to open the morning paper to find this ad in the front page.


  1. Well, 99% of the ads bring the good-looking girl, the only difference here is that this one just frankly admitted it.

    1. Egyptians would be fools not to market exports with Bellydancers. If Egypt ever finds anything to export. What are the other options? That fat toad Morsi making a sales pitch at an economic summit?

  2. The biggest problem is: people won't deal with it as a sexist ad.. They just find it funny!

  3. I'm pretty sure you meant to say "Can We Stop with the Sexism in our Advertising, please?"

  4. Hi Zeinobia,

    I really like to follow your blog.

    But I don't get this entry.
    Why are you so excited about a woman's head in the newspaper????
    In Europe we have naked women (full body, not just face) in many popular newspapers and no one makes drama!

    Could you explain? :)

    Best regards

  5. This is actually a great ad. They are implying that if you call their customer service you will be talking to a girl like her. So all the fat middle-aged guys who buy refrigerators they don't know how to fix will be thinking that, even though it's not true. It's the same as when they have a beautiful girl in a bikini leaning against an expensive car in an auto ad. The implication is "Hey, fat ugly guys, if you buy this car you'll get girls like her". Of course, the car ad won't work in Egypt but the refrigerator one might.

  6. So bassem youssef is oh-so-cute, and this ad is omg-stop-sexism!

    This is the result of the result of what media pushes in our minds every single day! Basm yousf show, Khaled yousef's movies, elsobky movies, turkish drama and most of other movies and Egyptian drama.

    All are promoting sexism!

  7. @Lisa,

    well I know quite a lot people who make a fuss about the sexist ads we have in Europe... why do u have to use the body of a woman this way? I DO feel disrespected when I see naked women making advertisement NO MATTER WHERE even for bread or coffee or stuff everyone would buy anyhow even without merchandising at all... i dont understand how we - women- let us be treated like a peace of flesh
    for me, as a woman, it IS a drama when it comes to sexism, which is ´definitly the case for (ab)using women in ads

    shukran gazilan ya Zeinobia!

    1. I take it you feel the same way about western media outlets that always use attractive and well spoken female Arab women to deliver stories about the Arab countries, instead of repulsive pigs who look and talk the President of Egypt? Or is it not sexism, then?

  8. "it is just disgusting and sick to open the morning paper to find this ad in the front page."

    Be glad you didn't turn to page three.

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