Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Renaissance Dam , The Latest Achievements of the Renaissance Age

It does not rain but pours indeed.
The Ethiopians are celebrating today the change of the stream flow of the Blue Nile today as one of the most important phases of constructing the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. 
You can watch the ceremony here live.
According to experts this step will affect the water share of Egypt by 30%.
From ETV
It is worth to mention that President Morsi was there from two days. What the Ethiopians are doing today is not surprising ,this move is not a decision taken in a day or night but let's say we are paying at all in the South  whether the embassy or intelligence. The failure continues from Mubarak administration to Morsi administration.
Now crisis management in both Sudan and Egypt.
Sudan will go to the Arab league , oh yes the Arab league !!
Now in Egypt for couple of hours ago you could not get the minister of irrigation on the phone or his spokesperson as both closed their mobile phones. Nevertheless the ministry held a meeting and issued a statement.
In nutshell this is what was mentioned in the statement :
  • The diversion of the Blue Nile Course will not affect the our share of Water !?
  • We are waiting the tripartite Commission's report about the dam's effects on Egypt and Sudan. 
  • Egypt's silence does not mean its approval on the dam


  1. Fair history indicates that Egypt's relations with Ethiopia deteriorated immensely since Sadat era when Mangesto's leftist regime came to power in the early 70's...Sadat followed a very hostile policy against Leftist and Communist movements starting from Egypt,to Ethiopia,to Angola,to Afghanistan!!While cuddling the MB and political Islam and allied with all anti-leftist and conservative regimes ...These are hard historical facts...@amrazim2808

  2. lol, if the attack on the dam doesn't happen tonight, then even the army is succumbing in morsi's reign and after mubarak's too.

  3. Attacking what? The only thing you can achieve through war is destruction. War hurts Egypt and Sudan more than Ethiopia. Egypt has to colonize Ethiopia to control the Nile - and we all know that is impossible.

  4. God Bless Ethiopia and Egypt!

    1. First off, I believe it is high time Egypt reckoned with the reality that
      upstream countries have the right to benefit from Nile...The so-called treaties signed by Egypt's colonial Masters have no legal binding, whatsoever, on Ethiopia.
      The peoples of Ethiopia and Egypt have equal rights to benefit from any development endeavours on the Great Nile...This principle we should uphold. Anything beyond this spells destruction to both nations. As simple as it is.

      As regards the hawkish and war-mongering Egyptian politicians, I advise them to revise their history books...There they will find what it means a war with Ethiopia. Pure and simple! Last time I checked Egypt lost all wars with Ethiopia.

      It should also be remembered that Egypt has been
      heavily involved in sponsoring rebels and terrorists in Ethiopia.
      Despite all this, Ethiopia has always been diplomatic.
      I wonder to know what would Egypt do if Ethiopia were in its shoes!

  5. The Egyptian People should rest assured that the Ethiopian people don't want to cause any suffering or drought on Egypt. The project is supposed to generate electricity it has been tested by a group of experts from Sudan Egypt Ethiopia and other European nations to make sure it is done correctly not to cause damage. You can't expect Ethiopia to be more open than this. It is done to extend the hand of friendship and to make the project beneficial for all. Egyptians and Sudanese have been invited to be part of it for the same purpose. hopefully this will be the option Chosen by the downstream nations. WE can learn from the USA and Canada, the two neighborly countries utilizing the Colombia river they share for mutual. If there is understanding it can be done. The road of intimidation and aggression is very useless. In today's geopolitical situation, Ethiopia is also a very important player for the region and its stability is of utmost importance to the world to keep peace in the horn. Thus WE ETHIOPIANS are not Intimidated instead let's work together.


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