Thursday, June 27, 2013

#30June : The mother of Martyr speaks

Mohamed El Gindy’s mother Mrs. Samia spoke in the 30 June Front conference yesterday.You should watch and hear her speech.

Her speech was emotional. She is calling the youth as well parents to accompany their kids to Tahrir square. Mohamed El Gindy was tortured till death last January 2013. El Gindy ,a member of the popular current and revolutionary young man who endorsed Morsi in the presidential elections.

I want to hint out that during her speech she asked Syrians to stay away from Egypt’s internal affairs in order to continue staying in Egypt.

There are rumors now circulating that Syrians will do the Hamas so-called Job in supporting the Muslim brotherhood thanks to Morsi’s fake support to Syria. I am so worried that this may create problems for Syrians in Egypt.

Here is a video for the press conference itself.

By the way minister of investment , the MB member Yahia Hamed has issued a decision to fire Yahia Hussein, the manager of the leadership institute that hosted this event and other opposition groups’ meetings and conference in the halls of the institute. The institute allows its halls to be rented and as it is owned by the State Hussein opened its doors to everybody whether Islamists or not Islamists, whether the Muslim brotherhood or their opponents.

Yahia Hussein stood against Mubarak and his son when he revealed the scandals of Umar Effendi’s privatization. This man paid a lot when he stood against the privatization of Umar Effendi , now he is paying a price for not being a member in the Muslim brotherhood. 


  1. the talk about Hamas is just bullshit and propaganda
    they are trying to use it to scare people

  2. Zeinobia: thank you very much and very moving indeed. It is very hard to believe that in this day and age criminals can murder their victims and get away with it

    Morsi has to go and good riddance and I tell el-ikhwan and el-salifiyeen as I always say: Ihna al-masiryeen mesh intum


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