Wednesday, June 26, 2013

#30June got A Front And A Roadmap

 Tamarod ,the rebellious mother movement of the upcoming 30 June protests launched today the 30 June Front. That front is an attempt to have a political cover for the protests despite the founders of that front made it clear in a press conference that they do not represent all revolutionaries or political powers.

Now the 30 June Front presented a roadmap for Egypt after Mohamed Morsi as Tamarod believes that it is going to oust him on 30 June through petitions. The 6 months transitional period roadmap is as follows after getting rid from MB and Morsi :

  • To appoint an independent Prime minister that represents 25 Revolution.
  • To assign this prime minister with all the executive powers of the president and he will head a technocrat government whose main mission is to fix economy and adopt social justice policies.
  • To assign the head of supreme constitutional court with the President’s protocol missions.
  • To dissolve the Shura council and to suspend the current constitution.
  • To form a new constituent assembly in order to draft a new constitution.
  • To have presidential elections by the end of the 6 months followed by parliamentary elections monitored by judges and surpervised internationally. 
  • The National defense council is responsible for national security.

It is worth to mention that the boys and girls of Tamarod have met with Heikal, the old fox twice in the past two weeks. Politically speaking this roadmap is perfect or rather was perfect for Egypt on 12 February 2011 if people were honest in having true democracy. There is one missing detail is how to reach this roadmap already.

Now there are too many players with other roadmaps and agendas.

The 30 June Front is founded by a number of revolutionary and political activists like Israa Abdel Fatah, Amr Salah, Mohamed Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Harara , Khaled El Belshy and other others.

The press conference was attended by many of the famous faces from activists like Ahmed Harara, Karima El Khafny, Hossam Eissa , Khaled Dawood , Hossam Mounis, Mazhar Shahin and Nour El Huda Zaki.

Here are couple of photos I took from the press conference.


  1. So a couple of interesting questions:

    - Who will choose the Constitution committee?
    - Who will choose the prime-minister?
    - If the constitution is suspended, on which bases will you do elections?
    - Much more questions like this with no answers!

    And then the most important question: Do you think that this is democracy?!
    short answer: No.
    Long answer: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    1. So, what would you suggest?

    2. This is a revolution. We haven't got democracy yet.

  2. lol. its true these guys could be considered clowns if it were not highly likely that hundreds of people might die as a result of their prompting. like the mad salafists are responsible for the deaths of the four shias. sadly the mb seem the voice of moderation in egypt at present. that says less about the mb and more about the state of the opposition

    1. Hundreds of people might die because the protests will be disrupted.... Do I need to spell out by who?

      MB is so badly trying to divert people's attention from the opposition.. It's sad..

      They don't know how to take criticism which comes as a result of the long list of errors. Egypt doesn't have time for these errors unless they teach you something but the government doesn't learn or develop anything! The ruling government is failing and it's not because of the opposition!!! Blaming the opposition is such an old story. Morsi and his famous speeches in which he is blaming everybody else for Egypt's current state are beyond exhausting.

      Any healthy country needs an opposition.. So valuable to a country really!!

  3. everyone is expecting elements of the old regime to disrupt and benefit from the disruption. The MB woud be the last to use violence as they know playing the victim is better for them right now. The question isnt who causes it or starts it. The reality is it will happen and those organising the protests know that is a very real possibility and almost a certainty so they bear some responsibility. Opposition has to come through the ballot box as long as there is a real possibility of fair elections. And currently in egypt that is a the case.

  4. So, depose the democratically elected President and replace him with an appointed (unelected) Prime Minister?

    You voted for Morsi, didn't you, Zeinobia?

  5. There is an old saying which seems to appropriate here. I think all these demands are quite idealistic, and the saying is, it will occur "When Pigs Fly". In other words, it hasn't a chance.

    There must be demands made that are realistic too.

  6. Anonymous: So what if she voted for Morsi?? I voted twice for Obama because I bought into his lies too. His "pie in the sky" promises, that never came to pass in 6 years. The alternative for us was worse then he was.

    Be fair!!!!

    1. Other anonymous, there was no mystery about who Morsi was or what he represented. He was the Muslim Brotherhood's handpicked candidate, and the MB has been open about their goals and their plans for over half a century. You be fair, and stop acting like Zeinobia didn't know what she was voting for. She's not retarded, is she? If she didn't understand what was going to happen, it's only because she was in denial. Denial is a personality dysfunction in addition to being a river in Egypt, and Zeinobia is still going to suffer from that defect after Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood are gone. People who live in denial don't just see he light and get cured. They go from one delusional fantasy version of reality to another.

  7. Zeinobia: I have been told by a reliable source, but I have not been able to confirm it, that at Morsi's meeting with Pope Tawardros, my source tells me, that there were veiled threats by Morsi that unless Pope Tawadros tells young Copts not to go out on June 30 he will have to reassess his stance in regard to the Copts

    As if he cares! What a liar and a bully

    As you know this visit was followed by a visit of the American ambassador to the Pope and it seems that all she did was she stressed Morsi threats to the pope and then told the Pope that there is a "vast" number of Copts in the US so is she threatening the Copts in the US too? Are these people for real?

    What is your take on all of this?

    I tell my sisters and brothers that happen to be Copts go out and protest this nasty regime and Morsi and remember again ihna el-masriyeen mesh huma


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