Monday, June 3, 2013

Camera and National Security Do not Mix Dear Presidency

I believe today the national dialogue held by the Presidency earlier this morning to discuss the Nile river crisis with Ethiopia will be an example of failure in international politics and international relations as well international crisis management. A total fiasco without doubt.
The first part of the meeting was fine. Khaled Qazaz, the president’s aide discussed the summary of the trilateral commission’s report then President Mohamed spoke and lost people with his technical knowledge.
Then came the second part of the meeting and the madness started. Aside from the common words “ We have to mobilize the people and unite them around the Nile , it is matter of life and death .. bla bla bla” , we found ourselves watching a live part of Dr. Stranglove’s film !!
Now to the memorable suggestions of the parties’ leaders :
  • Younes Makhioun of Al Nour Party  : We will use all our cards including the intelligence card in bringing down the dam if we have too.
  • Ayman Nour of Ghad El Thawra Party : We should spread rumors to scare Ethiopia like claiming that we bought aircrafts to strike them, the Ethiopian society is weak and we should use this for our advantage as well we need an intelligence team and not an embassy work. Sudan's position sucks !!
  • Magdy Hussein of Al Amal party : It is fake threat , we are being manipulated by US and Israel. We should open the Rafah crossing. We can send Abu Tarika to Ethiopia as they love him there.  We can have joint electricity projects with Ethiopia and there is no need for the high dam !!
Bassem Youssef should air this meeting as it is.
I think that meeting will make our relations worse with Ethiopia.
I have got several questions in my mind and I can not find answers
Why did the Presidency broadcast this meeting on air ?? Where were the intelligence and the ministry of foreign affairs from that meeting ?? It was important to hear what they have got.
Why did not the Presidency or the intelligence cut off the broadcast when they saw this human tragedy on TV ?? I just do not understand it for real.
Now speaking realistically here I am not shocked from the radical suggestions presented by the Egyptian politicians because actually many Egyptians think in the same way whether offline or online. Many Egyptians believe that Egypt is being humiliated and we should use power to restore our position in the world.
Amazingly all those who spoke in the language of war and covert operations against Ethiopia on air like Ayman Nour and Mohamed Anwar Sadat JR are saying that they did not know that it was on air.

I am astonished that National dialogue session about the Ethiopia crisis was broadcasted in advance without the knowledge of the speakers despite the sensitivity of the topic discussed.
 It is worth to mention that both men Nour and Sadat were from the active political figures participating in the public diplomacy delegations in Africa. 
Pakinam El Sharkawy , the president’s political affairs aide apologized on her official Facebook page claiming that broadcasting the meeting on air was last minute decision. She added that she forgot to tell the speakers that they were on air.
Anyhow just from few minutes ago on ONTV , Amr Hamazawy, the liberal politician revealed that he asked Dr. Pakinam El Sharkawy on Sunday about whether there would be transparency with the public, the President’s political affairs aide told him that the meeting would be broadcasted on air.
I think Morsi’s administration learned one hell of a lesson today : National security matter and cameras do not mix.
Updated :
Mohamed ElBaradei apologized on his twitter account to Ethiopia as people and government for what was said yesterday in the meeting.
He also demanded the president to present an official apology on behalf of the Egyptian people


  1. There is this theory stating that Morsi planned this whole thing to unmask the opposition to the people and show how fragile and hopeless they are!

    But then, what comes to my mind is:
    Is Morsi really that smart to plan such a twisted thing?!

    Or is he that dumb to risk our diplomatic relations in order to gain some popularity over the opposition?!

    What do you think Zeinobia?!


    Absolute gold.

    Well done boys. Make us proud.

    And it crumples a little more!

  3. News Flash -- Zeinobia has written several times about Ahmed Douma who was charged with insulting Morsi. He has been convicted.

  4. The Jerry Springton type live show of Egyptian Security Council meeting made Egyptian plan a laughing stoke of the world. It also made the Egyptian plan impossible to attain. First, it will make it very difficult for Ethiopia to compromise without losing face. Second, Ethiopia had been open with the building of the dam to share and let the Egyptian and International experts to inspect the dam. Now they know the plan and will not let anyone close to it if we brag about bombing it. Third Ethiopia will be ready for all scenarios and it will not be a surprise. They may not be talking about it but they have by now reinforced their air defense plan scanning the sky. Four Ethiopia has already got the sympathy of the world due to the stupidity of the Morsi/Jerry Springtom live show and Egypt will be condemn for everything that happen in Ethiopia. US want to go Morsi out and it will make sure that he made another blunder before asking to put him on list of international criminal court, ICC, like Sudan.

    Jerry has also brought the US and Israel in to the discussion. The meeting was not only a threat to Ethiopia but also a declaration of war on the US and Isreal. This the exact word posted on the New York times “"I’m very fond of battles with the enemies, of course – with America and Israel but this battle must be waged with maximum judiciousness and calm…. Our war is with America and Israel, not with Ethiopia.."

    So America knows what is the Brotherhood stupid politicians plan to do if they have the means to carryout the war.

    These all are really stupid things to say whether it is live on camera or not and it is impossible to put them in to action. Morsi must resign over this blunder and before send Egypt in to deeper crisis.


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