Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Shall We stand Against This As Well ??

Yesterday there was a protest in solidarity with the Egyptian judges at the Supreme court in down town Cairo. A considerable number of protesters ,if not the majority were from the Mubarak regime/Okasha supporters “The infamous TV host” were there. The protest was held in solidarity with the judges and their on fight against the Muslim brotherhood.

Youm 7 and Al Wafd newspaper both recorded very alarming thing that took place during the short protest. A young girl beaten by so-called men from the protest in a very disgusting way.

From the videos’ descriptions posted by both newspapers that young girl in black veil objected having the Mubarak’s and Okasha supporters in the protest. She was among the protesters already. A so-called man hit on the back of her neck with all his power while another so-called man kicked her . It is disgusting.

Al Wafd video

Youm 7 did not get the same angel like Al Wafd.

Al Youm 7 video

This incident is critical test to the so-called revolutionary powers and forces as well the independent media. Will they stand with the right of that unknown girl and demand it like they have demanded the right of Mervat Moussa ??

I do not care this girl on what side of that political fight but what happened to her is totally unaccepted.

Also to be honest violence against women is something evilly rooted unfortunately and it has nothing to whether it is about Islamism or politics but we do not want to admit it.

I think we help this girl and restore back her rights if we want to dare and claim that we are civilized society.


  1. Replies
    1. Appalling video. But don't be silly, Rupert. You didn't do it and men in general didn't do it.

    2. Maybe Rupert was just sharing. Why would you make assumptions about what his motivation is for being ashamed of his Y chromosome?

  2. I think we have to let it go. We need allies and Mubarak and his supporters were not that bad really we all need to unite against the evil islamists.

  3. Well said Z.
    But from my experience, media will not cover it extensively like what was done to mervat.

    Anyway, what happened with mervat was because the attacker is pro-islamist, not because she is a lady!

    In Egypt now, you are revolutionary and innocent until you become pro-Islamist.

  4. What I wonder about is , this is considered a crime , and someone's job is to apprehend and prosecute this criminals. Why aren't they doing their job? Why don't we make rewards for people who provide information that leads to the arrests of these animals?

  5. I agree where is the security? personally, as a woman. there is NO WAY I would even want to be there, its mayhem. no one can fight against that kind of violence with no back up. its not worth it. very shameful for muslim(?) men to hit a woman too. its fuel for the haters to condemn Islam. I cant believe that they are muslims. they are fools.

  6. It's hard to know what to say. Either a police state like Mubarak's OR no police looking after the people.

    What is worse?.......:(


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