Sunday, June 23, 2013

#Egypt From More than 100 years In Color

The Brooklyn Museum published on Flickr this amazing collection of photos or rather Lantern slides taken in Egypt in year 1882. Yes in 1882 and they are in color , it is just amazing.
The photos were taken in different parts of Egypt in 1882. It is just amazing to see how our country and our people , our ancestors looked like during then. This is how Egyptians lived then. There are extremely old photos from Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Assuit , Luxor , Aswan and the newly founded Suez Canal and its cities like Ismailia.
You can a whole photo gallery with more than 100 photos from that year.
I was running through the photos and try to see how places had changed. For instance the photo of Wadi Es Sebua made me wonder about the fate of the ancient temple as I did not know before that we had an ancient temple with that name. I found that it was located in Lower Nubia in Egypt and it had to be displaced because of the Aswan High Dam. 
Egypt: Temple, Wadi Seboua
Just imagine that those photos were taken in 1882. Just see the photos you may be looking for your grandfather without knowing.
It is worth to mention that in 1882 Egyptians and their Egyptian army as well Sudanese under the leadership of Ahmed Orbai rebelled against their ruler Khedive Tewfik. Unfortunately this rebellion , this revolution was ended with occupation when the Khedive asked the help of the British. The British wanted to protect the new Suez Canal by all measures. This was one of the oldest invasions I believe using the minorities paper.
The Orbai revolution was the first time the Egyptian army of the Egyptian modern State truly stood with the people.
I wish people to learn and read about that revolution and its lessons.



    Disgusting. The imperialists even brought their women with them. Just like today.

    1. You wrote


      What is disgusting? this is a great collection

      >The imperialists even brought their women with them.

      Oh are you talking about the Arab imperialists that invaded Egypt in 642CE? I'm just curious

      See? you do not make sense

      >Just like today.


  2. If this is the surprise u were talking about on Twitter then it's a really great surprise. Egypt looked amazing and still is in my mind.
    Good work Z :D

  3. Your links to wikipedia is unnecessary and confusing. I expected to see photos of Cairo from the 'Cairo' link but it went to wikipedia's entry about Cairo. We all know what Cairo is. Unless the term is not well known, there's not need to link to wikipedia for so many terms as you did. We also know how to use wikipedia if we want to get more info about something.

    I am on an iPad. I can't hover to see where a link points to.

    Other than that, thanks for your posts.

  4. Lovely collection. 1882. No cars to ruin the scenery.The British and French in control of Egypt. Population at that time was one tenth of todays in numbers - about 8 million.

  5. "I am on an iPad."

    See, that's your problem right there. Get a real computer, Abdu.

  6. Great collection, Thanks.


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