Sunday, June 23, 2013

#Mothers Against #Morsi

Yesterday before we had two opposite protests and symbolic suicide , there was a small protest yet true significant one. Mothers of martyrs seeking justice protested in front of Mohamed Morsi’s house in New Cairo.
The mothers of the martyrs whom Morsi promised to bring the rights of their children that had been killed during the early days of the 25 January revolution or through the following two years. Among the famous mothers,  the mother of Ramy El Sharkawy who was killed during the Cabinet HQ clashes in December 2011 , the widow of Sheikh Emad Effat who was killed during the same clashes as well the sister of Khaled Said Zohara.
It is worth to mention that there are new mothers joined those mothers , those new mothers are the mothers of the young protesters killed during the first year of President Morsi’s rule like the mothers of Mohamed El Gendy and Jeika.

The president headed to the Friday’s prayer without meeting them.

Morsi promised to bring justice for those martyrs and he even claimed the new prosecutor general will present new evidence to incriminate those accused of killing them. We saw nothing. The police officers accused of killing the protesters are all acquitted. The commanders of SCAF are being honored by none other than Morsi. What is worse protesters are killed during Morsi’s rule and no one is held accountable !!
Morsi promised those mother and yet he did not fulfill his promise. The Muslim brotherhood is using those martyrs to justify its political moves against democracy in a cheap way. They do not even respect the martyrs of the MB.
Some believe that this is the true revolutionary sincere protest on Friday. I totally agree.


  1. Heartbreaking. I totally agree too! Thank you for sharing.

  2. So Morsi is accused because the ******* judges released the killers?!!

    Too bad morsy, why didn't you work to clean the judging system?!!

    Oh, you tried but the revolutionaries attacked you then!!!!!!!!! hmmmmm, that is strange!

  3. Weeping for Egypt and Egyptians :(


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