Friday, June 21, 2013

#30June Palooza : A True Sad story of #June21

Today thousands of religious right wing supporters protesters for hours to show off their numbers and power in front of the army and the world especially the United States as well the Egyptian people.
At the same time we got few thousands at the ministry of defense begging the army and El Sisi to save the day. Those protesters from Mubarak/Military/Shafik loyalists carrying none other the martyrs posters including the poster of Dr. Alaa Abdel Hady, the young protester and Tahrir doctor volunteer who was killed during the clashes of cabinet HQ in 2011 between protesters and army forces unfortunately !!!!!!!!!
Afternoon there was some expressive protest at Kasr Al Nil Bridge which actually represents a very dark image of what is happening now in Cairo. A group of Pro-revolutionary protesters decided to commit symbolic suicide and threw themselves in to the Nile. It is a fake suicide ,more of symbolic political move.

What I see now Egyptians are back to that choice between the Religious Fascism and Military Fascism. Revolutionaries have nothing to do except to kill themselves.

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